What is a scholarship?

A scholarship is an academic achievement award often involving a cash prize, certificate, and/or gift. Selection of recipients may also include additional criteria (i.e., community/college involvement, leadership skills, volunteerism, communication skills, and affiliation with specific associations, clubs, memberships, family life, and city of residence). Assessment of scholarships is completed by coordinators, faculty , and the Scholarships Selection Committee members. Fanshawe College and the Fanshawe College Foundation work closely with community partners to establish scholarships which recognize students who excel in their fields of study. The kindness and generosity of these organizations and individuals propels exceptional students to the next level, as they help build and strengthen the world around us. 

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Scholarship questions and answers

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 Who can apply for scholarships?

Any student who is currently enrolled full-time at Fanshawe College and/or currently attending Fanshawe College on a full-time basis, and who meets the outlined eligibility criteria is eligible to apply. Eligibility criteria can include: achieving a minimum GPA, enrollment in a specific program or area of study, demonstration of specific skills or experience, involvement within the College/campus or community, volunteerism, and much more!

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 What types of scholarships are offered?

Fanshawe College offers the following types of scholarships:

  • Program specific scholarships
  • College wide and graduation scholarships
  • International student scholarships
  • Entrance (first time student) scholarships
  • Athletic scholarships
  • Continuing education and mature student scholarships
  • Scholarships for students with disabilities
  • External scholarships

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 How do I apply?

Visit fanshawec.ca/scholarships to login to the online scholarship application system and apply. Detailed step-by-step instructions for using the online system are available here.

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 Are there scholarships for international students?

There are many scholarships opportunities available for international students who are currently enrolled and attending Fanshawe College with a valid study permit and international visa. These international opportunities can be accessed here through our online application system. We also offer scholarships for students who wish to study abroad in a country outside of North America.

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 What are athletic scholarships?

Athletic scholarships are for students who are current members of a varsity athletics team (i.e. is on the team’s official roster) or who have contributed in some way to the Fanshawe College Athletics Department. In most cases, students do not apply for athletic scholarships, as selection will be made by nomination or referral.

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 Can I receive a scholarship before I start at Fanshawe College?

There are some entrance scholarship opportunities offered to students who have recently graduated from high school and who have accepted their offer of admission to attend a specific program at Fanshawe College. Many of these opportunities do not require students to apply, since they are based primarily on the students’ overall admission average.

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 How do I get my scholarship funding?

In most cases, scholarship funding will first be applied towards any outstanding balance on the student’s tuition account. Any remaining balance of funding will be disbursed in the form of a cheque made out to the student. Many scholarships are also presented at one of our annual awards ceremonies, where the scholarship will likely be received in the form of a cheque, unless otherwise specified by the donor.

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 What are the dates/deadlines to apply for scholarships?

Please note that dates may vary.

Scholarship type Application dates
Program specific October 1, 2019 to July 31, 2020
College wide / graduation

SUMMER 2019 -  May 1, 2019 - August 31, 2019

FALL 2019  -  September 2, 2019 - December 31, 2019

WINTER 2020 - January 2, 2020 - February 14, 2020


FALL 2019 - September 2, 2019 - October 18, 2019

WINTER 2020 - January 2, 2020 - February 14, 2020

 ** All other scholarships are selection or nomination based, and therefore do not have application dates.

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For more information about scholarships, visit:

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