New Fees Framework: Student Choice Initiative

An Ontario college education is one of the most cost-effective ways to gain the skills and knowledge you need to prepare for your future career path. In January 2019, the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU) announced reforms to postsecondary education with the stated goals of making college and university more affordable and costs more transparent for Ontario's domestic college and university students. Effective September 2019, these reforms include a 10 percent reduction in tuition for domestic students, the option to opt out of what the government deems non-essential ancillary fees, and changes to the Ontario Student Assistance Fund (OSAP).

Fanshawe College and the Fanshawe Student Union (FSU) believe your college experience should be affordable, accessible and enjoyable. The College and the FSU enrich the Fanshawe student experience through mandatory and non-mandatory ancillary fees, which are included as part of your tuition and fee invoice. The information below provides a general summary of each ancillary fee and what essential or non-essential services, supports and opportunities it helps to make available for Fanshawe students.

(Note: non-essential ancillary fee opt-out is available on your WebAdvisor account.)

Students have the choice to opt-out of non-essential fees when they pay their invoice.  Please note that the ancillary fee amounts listed below are for standard terms, these fees will be pro-rated for non-standard terms. See below for an explanation of categories:

Fanshawe Student Union Ancillary Fees

Compulsory Ancillary Fees (will be charged on a compulsory basis, no student opt-out)

Academic Support

  • Student support - $13.11
    • This fee provides student support with bursary and scholarship applications, student appeals preparation and appeal meeting support, Ombudsperson service, housing mediation services, used book buy-back and purchase service, and peer tutors.

Athletics and Recreation

  • Recreation programming - $18.41
    • This fee provides recreation programming for all students and includes access and overhead to operate recreation facilities, and coordinated student events. 
  • Wellness programming - $13.58
    • This fee provides wellness programing such as exam preparation support, mental health awareness and support activities, nutrition workshops and events.

Student Buildings 

  • Wellness Centre Building Fee - $27.50
    • This fee pays for student union contribution to capital cost of the facility.  
  • Student Centre Building Fee - $21.00
    • This fee is used to pay for the cost of the Student Centre. London Campus only. 
  • Student Building Operations - $32.29
    • Direct costs of utilities and waste management, maintenance and operating costs to operate the Student Union Buildings.

Student Transit Passes

  • London Transit Commission bus pass - $129.26
    • This fee is paid by London students only. This fee is invoiced to a maximum of two terms per academic year. 
Non-Essential Ancillary Fees (students may opt-out)
  • Fanshawe College Student Union Membership - $5.72
    • Benefits of membership include eligibility to seek election for director or officer of the student union. FSU executive team guides FSU strategy and initiatives. Specialized service access such as legal aid support, member-based services and activities.
  • Student Clubs - $2.14
    • This fee allows students to participate and enjoy the benefits of comprehensive club activities on campus. Types of clubs include Cultural, Religious, Diversity and Academic focus. 
  • Health and Dental Plans - $115.00
    • Domestic Student Health and Dental Plan. Opt-out of the plan is provided to students each academic year – proof of alternate coverage required to opt-out of the plan. 

College Ancillary Fees

Compulsory Ancillary Fees (will be charged on a compulsory basis, no student opt-out)

Academic Support

  • Technology Fee - $96.62  
    • This fee provides enhanced technology to support academic programming and learning. 

Athletics and Recreation 

  • Wellness Centre Universal Fee - $30.00 
    • This fee provides access to the Student Wellness Centre facility. London students only. 
  • Athletics Fee - $45.00
    • This fee supports campus recreation, wellness activities and intramural, recreational and varsity sports programs. London students only.
  • Campus Safety - $2.00
    • This fee supports programs and services that promote on-campus safety services such as campus walk safe programs and sexual violence prevention services.
  • Career Services - $26.00
    • This fee supports career related services such as career counseling information sessions, job fairs, job boards and job placement support and LEAP junction entrepreneurial operations and services. 

Health and Counselling

  • Health Services Fee - $8.43
    • This fee provides enhancements and improvements targeting mental health and support services. London students only.
  • International Health Insurance Fee - $417.99
    • This fee provides OHIP equivalent and Health/Dental plan for International students.  
  • Student Achievement and Records - $32.27
    • Costs associated with services such as transcripts, replacement receipts, verification forms and letters, graduation ceremony and immigration letters, etc.

Academic Support

  • Student Campus Improvement Fee - $10.00
    • Provides funds to support projects that will improve student life and learning on campus.
Non-Essential Ancillary Fees (students may opt-out)
  • Alumni Fee - $7.33
    • Benefits of membership include continued networking and access to Alumni benefits and services provided to all of our Alumni.

Tuition and OSAP Updates

Summary of changes to tuition fees for domestic students and the Ontario Student Assistance Plan (OSAP). All changes take effect for the fall term 2019.

  • Domestic tuition fees are reduced by 10% starting in September 2019 for the 2019-2020 academic year. Tuition fees will not be increased the following 2020-2021 academic year.
  • The tuition reduction applies to all full-time and part-time Fanshawe College programs that are eligible for government funding.
  • International fees are not eligible for government funding and are not included in the 10% reduction.

  • Apply at 
  • Ontario is proposing to eliminate the non-needs-based component of the Ontario Student Grant.
  • Ontario grant support for students from families earning more than $140,000/year and single students earning more than $120,000/year will be eliminated.
  • Students from low-income families will now receive a minimum of 10% loan from Ontario rather than 0% under current program rules. The share of loan a student receives will increase with income.
  • The debt cap will be increased to $7,500 per term.
  • The fixed student contribution used as part of the OSAP needs assessment will increase from $3,000 to $3,600 per academic year.
  • Expected parental contributions for OSAP will increase and be based on the same rates that were in place in the 2017-18 academic year.
  • The OSAP needs assessment will only factor in a $500 computer allowance for first-year students – currently students are assessed for a $500 computer allowance no matter their year of study.
  • The definition of independent student will be changed from a student who's been out of high school for four years to a student who has been out of high school for six years for the purpose of Ontario student financial aid.
  • Ontario grant funding will be reduced for students:
    • enrolled in second-entry programs (e.g. post-graduate college certificates, graduate studies, law, medicine) at Ontario publicly assisted institutions; and 
    • studying in Canada but outside of Ontario. 

These students will receive a minimum of 50% of Ontario funding as a loan and will not be eligible for Ontario grant funding if their families earn more than $100,000/year and more than $80,000/year for single students.

  • The current $25,000 annual income threshold for Repayment Assistance Plan will be maintained.
  • Ontario is proposing that students would accrue interest immediately after leaving full-time studies on the Ontario portion of student loans, rather than having six months interest-free. The grace period would continue to be in place so that students would not have to make payments on their loans for six months, but that time will no longer be interest-free.

Important Dates 

  • You have until the 10th day of your term to opt-out of non-essential ancillary fees through your WebAdvisor account.

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