What We Offer

Are you interested in upgrading your sciences and/or mathematics for a career in nursing, business or a technology related field? Or do you need a science and/or math course to meet a program or entrance requirement? Fanshawe College Continuing Education can help you choose the right science or math course, the one that best matches your goals and your current science or math skills. If you have been away from science or math for a while, you likely will want to refresh your science or math before moving to a higher level. Fanshawe College Continuing Education has the courses to help you.

Some of the available Sciences and Mathematics related courses are as follows:

  • Biology - College Prep
  • Chemistry - University Prep
  • Basic & Algebraic Math
  • Business Math
  • Business Statistics
  • Finance & Accounting Math
  • Calculus Prep Math I

Courses are offered in-class, blended (50% of course hours are spent online and the other 50% of the course hours are spent in-class), or fully online, please view All Courses for individual course offering information.