Intercultural Competency - Microcredential

A key component of intercultural competency is the ability to communicate effectively and appropriately with colleagues, clients, and stakeholders across a range of cultures. In an increasingly global world, intercultural competency is a critical skill that will improve your ability to build and maintain relationships at home and abroad. This microcredential will teach you the specific frameworks, theories, and inventories that you need for culturally appropriate communication across a range of contexts including emails, introductions, meeting requests, on-boarding, proposals, and business deals. In learning how to negotiate intercultural differences, you will reduce misconceptions and misunderstandings, promote diversity and inclusiveness, and demonstrate your awareness and respect for other cultures, beliefs, and communication styles. Learning Outcomes: 1. Recognize implicit bias and stereotypes in your own attitudes and beliefs 2. Infer the significance of culturally specific practices, norms, and customs 3. Apply skills and strategies to decode, confront, and reconcile cultural differences Total class hours - 9
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Communication & Languages

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Winter 2023

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