Location Sound - Microcredential

This micro-credential will provide a complete grounding in all the skills needed to gain employment as a location sound operator for film, television, mocap and other media applications. Topics covered include set protocols, pre-production, script breakdown, mixing, equipment, boom operations, microphone use, and related business skills. Learning Outcomes: 1. Record dialogue to set specifications for post production 2. Wire talent/cast/subjects using a lavalier microphone 3. Manage workflow from media management to producing sound reports 4. Route signal flow to provide audio for video village, playback and others while recording 5. Apply knowledge of types of microphones to best select suitable microphones for different purposes and environments 6. Operate boom microphones by applying, basic framing concepts and frame sizes 7. Copy, store, backup, rename and move digital audio files Total class hours - 15
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Computers, Design, and Media

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