Palo Alto Firewall - Microcredential

This course provides students with a general understanding of how to install, configure, and manage Palo Alto firewalls for defense of Small and Medium Businesses as well as enterprise network architecture. Students will learn the theory and practice of setting up the security, networking, threat prevention, logging, and reporting features of Palo Alto's next generation firewalls. This course is the first step to the Palo Alto Networks PCNSA certification. Learning Outcomes: 1.Compare and contrast industry leading firewall platforms, architecture, and defense capability related to zero trust security models and public cloud security. 2.Demonstrate and apply configuration of firewall initial access, interfaces, security zones, virtual routing, filtering, licensing, service routes, software updates, and policy-based forwarding. 3.Analyze security policy administrative concepts related to source and destination network address translation. 4.Outline and construct security policies to identify known and unknown application software running on the service network. 5.Differentiate, configure, and deploy filtering technologies such as anti-virus, anti-spyware, and file blocking, to protect against telemetry induced attack vectors. 6.Configure and deploy Virtual Private Network (VPN). Total class hours - 24.
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Computers & Telecommunications

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Fall 2021

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