Photography for E-Commerce - Microcredential

This micro-credential is targeted to small business owners interested developing their product photography skill for better representation of their wares (e.g., jewelry, crafts) on e-commerce sites such as Shopify and Etsy. In this hands-on course, students will be introduced to basic studio lighting practices to create photos for sale online. Students will learn how to use window light, LED, flash and other artificial lights, along with light modifiers to produce well exposed images on a white background, as well as some basic software techniques to edit and prepare photos for online display. Learning Outcomes: 1. Adjust camera settings to control depth of field, focus, and exposure. 2. Evaluate exposure by viewing the camera's histogram. 3. Match the camera's white balance with various light sources. 4. Operate various light sources and light modifiers to illuminate small products and control shadows. Total class hours - 10
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Computers, Design, and Media

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