Why Fanshawe?

See what we have to offer you as a Fanshawe student.

Am I ready for online learning?

We've developped a free tool at amiready.ca to help you assess your readiness as an online student. We also have a handy checklist to guide you along the way to becoming an online learner.

What are the technical requirements?

Make sure you have what you need before you get started.

What is offered online?

Diplomas and certificates

Two year online diploma programs and one year online certificate programs offer the flexibility to interact with instructors and classmates in a location and schedule that works for you.

Individual courses

With courses across virtually every discipline, Fanshawe will help you learn a new skill, improve your career or enable you to complete your personal development milestone.

Graduate certificates

Complement your degree or diploma with an Ontario College Graduate Certificate. Eight-month programs provide the advanced knowledge and training required to ensure you're ready to take the next step.


How do I apply?

How do I get started?

Checklist to help you become an online learner.

Selecting a Program

Not finding what you need on our website? Contact the Advising Centre for admissions advice and assistance.

Application Information

How to apply to be a Fanshawe student.

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Application Deadlines

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Application Status

Check the admission status on your WebAdvisor account.

What are the fees?

Fees & Tuition

Review your program costs.

Financial Aid support

Get help with OSAP and Bursary applications.


Apply for a bursary online.

Post admissions requirements

You've been accepted! Now what?

Fee paying process

Learn how to pay for your program.

What resources are available?


We can send you everything you need.


Students enrolled in full-time online programs are eligible to receive a student card.

Frequently asked questions

FAQs for Online Learning

Answers to common questions about online learning.