Applying for part-time post-secondary study

Before selecting courses, you need to apply, have your transcripts assessed and be offered admission. Depending on the time it takes to receive your transcripts, this process may take as few as four days.

Important dates

Winter 2020

Non-refundable deposit due date: October 20, 2019

Registration opens: November 26, 2019

First day of term: January 6, 2020

Registration closes: January 10, 2020

Balance of fees due by 10th day of the term: January 17, 2020

Course registration

Self registration is now available online - please do not use the Continuing Education registration link.

  1. Review the course requirements and availability for each program listed above. Choose your courses early for the best selection!
  2. In WebAdvisor, select My Progress to review and confirm the courses you need to complete your program. Don't forget to review your General Education requirements (one General Education elective course is equal to 3 credits).
  3. In WebAdvisor, follow the registration steps by using:
    • Express Registration if you know the course, section and term of the course(s) you have chosen;
    • Register and Drop Sections if you want to drop a course you previously registered in using WebAdvisor, or to complete a course selection for a course you previously viewed.

NOTE: Your selection is not complete until the course appears (or is removed in the case of a Drop) from your timetable and My Progress on WebAdvisor. You can only drop courses that were selected using WebAdvisor. For assistance with other courses, please refer to your School office.

TIP: Having trouble with the process? Read the 'Help' section at the top of each page for more information.

To drop individual courses (before the 10th day of the term):

  1. Go to WebAdvisor.
  2. Click 'Register and Drop Courses' and follow the steps to make your changes.

To drop individual courses (after the 10th day of the term):

  1. Contact the SIS designate in your school office. They can provide you with a verification form and drop the course for you.

To withdraw from your entire program, follow our withdrawal steps.

Important notes:

  • You can only drop courses that were selected using WebAdvisor. For assistance with other courses, please refer to your program office.
  • Dropping a course (or courses) may impact your OSAP entitlement. Please contact the Financial Aid Office (E2020) for more information.
  • Dropping courses will impact your progression toward graduation. It is your responsibility to ensure you meet your program requirements to graduate. View My Progress on WebAdvisor for information about your program and any outstanding requirements.
  • Academic Advising is available in your program office. Please make an appointment with your Program Coordinator or Student Success Advisor if you need assistance.

Planning ahead just got easier

Students offered admission to part-time post-secondary programs register for classes on a course-by-course basis. To assist students with planning, course sequences have been mapped out for future terms. It is recommended that students take 1, 2, or 3 courses per term. Check out which courses are offered each term for the programs below:

Business - BUS1

Business - Accounting - BAC2

Business - Finance - BFN4

Business - Human Resources - BHR1

Business - Marketing - BMK1

Human Resources Management - HMG1

Information Security Management - ISM1

Marketing Management - MKM1

Office Administration - Executive - OAE3

Office Administration - General - OAG1

Professional Financial Services - FSP1

Project Management - PRJ1

Retirement Residence Management - RRM1

Supply Chain Management - Logistics - SCM3

Looking for more details about specific courses? You can request full course outlines through our COMMS system. Some programs require students to write a WRIT assessment. Please visit for more information and available test dates.

Online student success

We want to help you succeed. If you choose to study a program online, check out our online learning page for helpful information, or visit to assess your online learning readiness. If you have program/course-specific questions, please contact your Student Success Advisor for help.