We highly recommend you follow one of the progression plans below to determine when courses will be offered:

PRJ1 | 2-year completion plan | Fall start

PRJ1 | 2-year completion plan | Winter start

PRJ1 | 3-year completion plan | Fall start

PRJ1 | 3-year completion plan | Winter start


Here are the course offerings from which to choose:

Note: If the 01PT section is full, please register in the 02PT or 03PT section instead, if available.

Course Name Course Code Fall Winter Summer
Project Cost Management MGMT-6056-01PT Yes No Yes
Project Time Management MGMT-6058-01PT Yes No Yes
Project Management Software Applications MGMT-6059-01PT Yes No Yes
Project Scope & Requirements MGMT-6055-01PT Yes No Yes
Project Strategic Management MGMT-6054-01PT Yes Yes Yes
Advanced Professional Communication COMM-6019-42PT Yes Yes Yes
Contemporary Business Management MGMT-6057-01PT No Yes No
Project Recovery MGMT-6060-01PT No Yes No
Agile Project Development MGMT-6061-01PT No Yes No
Project Risk & Quality MGMT-6062-01PT No Yes Yes
Project Procurement MGMT-6063-01PT No Yes No
Project Leadership & Management MGMT-6064-01PT No Yes No

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