We highly recommend you follow one of the progression plans below to determine when courses will be offered:

GIS1 | 2-year completion plan | Fall start (Option 1)

GIS1 | 2-year completion plan | Fall start (Option 2)

GIS1 | 4-term completion plan | May 2021 start


Here are the course offerings from which to choose:

Course Name Course Code Fall Winter Summer
Co-operative Education Employment Prep
COOP-1020-05PT Yes No No
Programming Basics-OOP COMP-6034-03PT Yes No No

Spatial Data Acquisition

COMP-6035-03PT Yes No No
Advanced Programming-OOP COMP-6036-03PT No Yes No
Fundamentals of GIS METH-6001-03PT Yes No No
Information Systems METH-6002-03PT Yes No No
Remote Sensing METH-6003-03PT No Yes Yes
Advanced Analysis in GIS METH-6004-03PT No Yes Yes
Web GIS METH-6005-03PT No Yes No

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