We highly recommend you follow one of the progression plans below to determine when courses will be offered.

OAM4 | 3.5-year completion plan | Fall start
OAM4 | 3.5-year completion plan | Winter start


Here are the course offerings from which to choose:

Note: If the 01PT section is full, please register in the 02PT or 03PT section instead, if available.

Course Name Course Code Fall Winter Summer
Accounting Fundamentals ACCT-1034-01PT Yes Yes No
Administrative Documentation 1 ADMN-1014-01PT Yes Yes No

Fundamental Mathematics for Business

MATH-1143-01PT Yes Yes No

Strategies for Success

BUSI-1156-02PT Yes Yes No

Understanding Workplace Behaviours

MGMT-3052-01PT Yes Yes No

Reason & Writing Business 1

WRIT-1032-43PT Yes Yes No

Accounting 2

(Pre-requisite: ACCT-1034)

ACCT-3045-01PT No Yes Yes

Administrative Documentation 2

(Pre-requisite: ADMN-1014)

ADMN-3006-01PT No Yes Yes
Office Procedures & Strategies ADMN-1013-01PT No Yes Yes
Spreadsheet Design & Production COMP-1100-01PT No Yes Yes
Principles of Dynamic Presentations COMP-3019-01PT No Yes Yes

Communications for Office Administration

(Pre-requisite: WRIT-1032)

COMM-3079-46PT No Yes Yes

Medical Office Procedures 1

(Pre-requisite: ADMN-1013 & ADMN-3006)

ADMN-3014-01PT Yes No No
Medical Terminology 1 ADMN-1042-01PT Yes No No

Medical Spreadsheet Applications

(Pre-requisite: COMP-1100)

COMP-5047 No No No
Canadian Business in the Global Economy ADMN-3002 No No Yes
Electronic Scheduling & Billing1 ACCT-3049-01PT Yes No No
General Health & Safety Field Placement SFTY-1056 No No No

General Education Elective - click to review


Gen Ed Yes Yes Yes

Electronic Scheduling & Billing 2

(Pre-requisite: ACCT-3049)

ACCT-5016-01PT No Yes No

Medical Office Procedures 2

(Pre-requisite: ADMN-3014)

ADMN-5004-01PT No Yes No

Medical Terminology 2

(Pre-requisite: ADMN-1042)

ADMN-5005-01PT No Yes No
Medical Database Management COMP-5049 No No No

Medical Work Placement

(Pre-requisite: ADMN-3014, COMP-5047, ADMN-1042 & SFTY-1056)

WRKE-5001 No No No

Medical Transcription

(Pre-requisite: ADMN-1042)

COMP-5066 No No No

Note: tbd = to be determined

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