We highly recommend you follow the progression plans below: 

GAP5 | Fall/Winter/Summer Start


For an overview of this program, please visit the GAP5 program page.


All new or prospective students must have their English language skills assessed before starting the GAP5 program. Therefore, should you be interested in applying to the GAP5 program, we ask you to contact GAP5@fanshawec.ca first to sign up for the placement test before applying on ontariocolleges.ca. Placement is based on scores from a computer-based listening, reading, and grammar test as well as a writing sample.


Students registered in the part-time GAP5 program do not use online self-registration. Part-time courses will be added by the academic division based on the placement test result. At this time, only certain levels will be offered.


Please note that part-time GAP5 courses run synchronously online in the evenings. Therefore, students need to be able to attend online classes at a set time.


Please feel free to contact for any questions at GAP5@fanshawec.ca.