Fanshawe launches two new pathways scholarships

Fanshawe wants to help graduates meet their career goals by providing flexible learning options and different pathways to academic and career success. The College's Pathways Working Group has launched two new pathway scholarships intended to enhance academic pathways, reduce barriers for students looking to transfer, and ultimately encourage and support our graduates to pursue further education in Canada and abroad.

One scholarship is for a student transferring to a domestic partner institution, the other one is for a student transferring to an international partner institution. Each scholarship will be for a minimum of $1,000.

Apply for the scholarships here

Facts about pathways:

  • At Fanshawe, we define pathways as the different academic routes a student could take to pursue additional credentials while gaining recognition for their prior learning. Simply put, pathways allow students to take credits with them when moving on to another school or program;
  • Cost continues to be a barrier for students to pursue a second credential. Seventy-five per cent of the students who attended Fanshawe Pathways Fair in fall 2019 and completed a feedback survey indicated they would like more information and support regarding scholarships and financial support for pathways;
  • With over 60,000 students transferring post-secondary education programs in Ontario every year, Fanshawe has developed partnerships with other post-secondary institutions in Ontario, Canada and abroad to develop pathways and facilitate student transfer and the achievement of a second credential for Fanshawe graduates.

Visit Fanshawe's Pathways and Credit Transfer website for further information about pathways opportunities and partner institutions.