Industrial Mechanic - Millwright (Block, Day Release) [Apprenticeship]


Industrial Mechanic - Millwright-2023/2024

Level 1
Take all of the following Mandatory Courses:
DRAF-1053Drawings & Schematics 12
This course presents the techniques of drawing, sketching, reading and interpreting engineering drawings and schematics.
ELEC-1079Electrical & Electronic Controls 11
This course presents the basics and fundamentals of electrical and electronic theory.
MACH-1109Machine Technology 12.5
This course presents: - The ferrous and non-ferrous metals, basic heat treatment procedures and applications of fasteners. - The different types of lubricants, and their properties and applications.
MACH-1110Workshop Practice 12.5
This course presents: - The safety legislations, lock-out and isolation procedures, protective clothing, and equipment, confined space procedures, housekeeping rules, fire, electrical and chemical hazards. - The skill in the selection, safe use and care of the cutting and non-cutting tools used in the trade. - The units of measurement used and skill in the use of measuring devices.
MACH-1111Workshop Technology 12.5
This course presents the principles of cutting and the relationship between speeds and feeds during the various machining operations.
MECH-1070Rigging & Hoisting1
This course presents the correct lifting and hoisting procedures and the safe use of all related equipment.
WELD-1038Welding & Fabrication 12
This course presents the operation and set-up of oxyacetylene and arc welding equipment to weld, braze, solder and cut safely, and to specifications.

Level 2
Take all of the following Mandatory Courses:
DRAF-3021Drawing & Schematics 22
This course represents the techniques for reading the manufacturers' manuals, drawing and sketching the machine component parts, including sectional views.
ELEC-3027Electrical & Electronic Controls 21
This course presents the basic knowledge of electrical and electronic transducers.
MACH-3041Machine Technology 22.5
This course presents: - The regulations, types, applications and maintenance of air compressors and ancillary equipment - The types, applications and maintenance of pumps, valves, piping and ancillary equipment.
MECH-3025Power Transmission3.5
This course presents: - identification, selection and installation of the appropriate transmission system and/or components for a specific application.
WELD-3008Welding & Fabrication 22
This course presents and demonstrates additional skills of welding and fabrication practices, techniques and pertinent regulations.
MACH-3040Workshop Practice 23
This course presents: - The function, component parts, holing devices, accessories, cutting tools and machining operations of the milling machine/surface grinder. - The selection, installation, and maintenance of friction/plain and anti-friction bearings, static and dynamic seals, and interpretation of ISO charts and bearing catalogues.

Level 3
Take all of the following Mandatory Courses:
ELEC-5025Electrical & Electronic Controls 31
MACH-5024Machine Technology 33.5
This course presents: The types and the principles of operation of various material handling systems The types, applications and maintenance procedures of prime movers and ancillary equipment The function of fans and blowers The procedures, equipment used, and the benefits that accrue from a preventive and predictive maintenance programs
MACH-5025Workshop Practice 32.5
This course presents: The principles of applied mechanics and thermodynamics, pertained to the trade of the Industrial Mechanic Millwright The set up and operation of shop equipment and tools to produce component parts to prescribed tolerance and standards; and the use of all shop equipment to complete a specific work project The basic sill in the use of precision measuring equipment as it pertains to machine installation and set-up.
MECH-5014Fluid Power5
This course presents: - the basic principles and applications of pneumatics, compressed air safety as it relates to pneumatic systems, and the identification, selection and installation of pipe systems and valves for specific applications. - the basic principles of hydraulics and the performance of pertinent hydraulic calculations, installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of components.
WELD-5003Welding & Fabrication 31
This course presents the techniques of reading welding drawings, and a application of safety rules, layout, measurement, cutting, tack, welding and assembly of metal and other components to specification.

Program Residency
Students Must Complete a Minimum of 11 credits in this
program at Fanshawe College to meet the Program Residency
requirement and graduate from this program