Tourism - Travel


Tourism - Travel-2024/2025

Level 1
Take all of the following Mandatory Courses:
GEOG-1013Discover North America3
The most valuable employees in the Tourism and Travel Industry have an awareness of a variety of destinations, as well as an understanding of the appeal to various customers. This course guides the development of product knowledge as it pertains to Indigenous cultures and the ability of the student to recognize the value of the tourism related attractions and experiences within Canada and the United States.
TRAV-1011Travel Fundamentals3
The travel industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the global marketplace. Students will develop research skills as they analyze such topics as documentation, health requirements, currency and transportation options. Special emphasis will be placed on the logistics of airline travel.
MMED-1066Emerging Technology Trends3
A course designed to develop the fundamental knowledge and skill required to plan, produce and present multi-media communications, with emphasis placed on practical use of current and emerging technologies including social media.
TOUR-1005Tourism Industry-Intro2
The hospitality industry is without a doubt one of the strongest, fastest growing industries today. This course is an introduction to that industry and how Tourism affects us all. The students will gain an appreciation for where our industry has come from and what the future has in store. They will also recognize the numerous career opportunities available to them in such areas as Fast Food, Hotels, Luxury Cruise Lines, Resorts, Institutions, Casinos and many more.
ANTH-1012Cultural Anthropology3
Students will learn about fundamental concepts in Cultural Anthropology and how these concepts relate to themselves, and how to reflect upon how to connect anthropological perspectives to Tourism, Hospitality and Culinary Arts. Students will practice applying the theoretical anthropological perspectives to a variety of topics and perform academic research and reporting. This course promotes the understanding of social and cultural behaviours and ideas within larger cultural contexts. This course encourages students to think critically about issues related to indigenous studies, diversity, relationship building and ultimately to their chosen programs of study and as global citizens.
WRIT-1042Reason & Writing 1-Tourism/Hospitality3
This course will introduce tourism and hospitality students to essential principles of reading, writing, and reasoning at the postsecondary level. Students will identify, summarize, analyze, and evaluate multiple short readings and write persuasive response essays to develop their vocabulary, comprehension, grammar, and critical thinking.
COMP-1517Technology for Hospitality3
Every day technology impacts how individuals work and live. This course will expose students to the range of software currently used in the hospitality sector. Students will develop their skills in word processing, spreadsheet and presentation tools. The course will also explore file management, research skills, outlook and online collaboration tools for the modern workplace.
COOP-1020Co-operative Education Employment Prep1
This workshop will provide an overview of the Co-operative Education consultants and students' roles and responsibilities as well as the Co-operative Education Policy. It will provide students with employment preparatory skills specifically related to co-operative education work assignments and will prepare students for their work term.

Level 2
Gen Ed - Take a 3 credit General Education elective course.
Take all of the following Mandatory Courses:
COMM-3080Comm for Tourism & Hospitality3
This course, designed for students who plan to work in the field of tourism and hospitality, focuses on professional written and verbal communication skills. Students learn to prepare a variety of work-related documents. In addition, students learn about research methods and documentation formats. The principles of effective writing - organization, grammar, style, clarity, and tone - are reinforced throughout the course. The goal of the course is to prepare students for the communication tasks and considerations they will encounter in the workplace in order to meet the needs of employers and/or the communities they will serve.
TOUR-1014Customer Sales & Service4
The growth of the travel field has created a very competitive industry in which strong selling skills are vital, and heightened consumer awareness has created a need for consistently superior service. This course provides the student with the techniques needed to develop customer-focused priorities.
TRAV-1035Front Office Applications3
This course will give students an in-depth practical application of Property Management System. Students will be required to work at a scheduled pace, making sure that they complete specific tasks within the given time lines. Students will experience the necessary steps and applications used during all steps of the guest experience cycle.
TRAV-1024Global Distribution Systems 14
All aspects of the travel industry rely heavily on the efficient and accurate use of the computer for data base retrieval and reservation booking. This course will introduce the student to the comprehensive and sophisticated Smartpoint computer reservation system.
TRAV-1013Industry Insight3
At its core, the tourism and travel industry is a fascinating mix of interdependent systems and relationships. This course enables the student to explore those connections by visiting local tourism operations, thereby acquiring first-hand knowledge of relevant trends and issues. Guest experts will also appear in the classroom in order to heighten awareness of additional related areas.
TRAV-1025Hotel Operations2
This course is designed to give the student an indepth knowledge of the operation of the front office department of a hotel. The course includes an analysis of the hotel industry and the factors surrounding front office management and the guest services agent's role.

Level 3
Take all of the following Mandatory Courses:
GEOG-3002World Destinations 13
A specialized study of the tourists' world, its recreational, historical and cultural attractions which are of prime importance to the Canadian tourist. This course also provides essential orientation to the relative locations of continents, countries, principal cities and areas of touristic value.
TRAV-3013Flights & Fares 12
This course is designed to provide the student with the complex knowledge and skills required for effective domestic tariff reading and utilization, fare construction and ticket issuance.
TRAV-3010Surface Transportation3
This course is designed to familiarize the student with domestic and international surface transport components: ship, rail, motor coach and automobile. Special emphasis is placed on selling skills at the retail agency level.
FINA-3046Finance & Business Operations2
This course will explore the fundamentals of finance for business and personal life. Students will learn basic accounting terms, concepts and interpret a variety of financial reports. Students will explore the budgeting and accounting cycles to help them make sound financial decisions. Concepts of personal finance will also be explored such as budgeting, investing, insurance and taxes.
TRAV-1004Package Holidays3
Package holidays are one of the most popular segments of the travel industry. Through analysis of factors such as type of operator, inclusions and pricing structures, the student will develop effective vacation selection and planning techniques.
TRAV-3012Global Distribution 24
An advanced study of the Galileo reservation system, this course is designed to enhance the basic skills acquired in Global Distribution 1 and to refine usage of the system's extensive database. In addition to Galileo we will be exploring alternative internet booking sites.
TRAV-3017Exploring Retail Travel3
This course is designed to provide the student with the knowledge necessary to analyze the requirements of the traveller and the new role of the travel advisor, post COVID. Practice the essential skills necessary to gain confidence when selling to prospective clients. Understand the significant role the retail travel agency plays in connecting the traveller with the product/service and the value of travel professional.

Level 4
Take all of the following Mandatory Courses:
TRAV-3014Flights & Fares 22
This course is designed to provide the student with the complex knowledge and skills required for effective international tariff reading and utilization, fare construction, and ticket issuance.
TRAV-1012The Business of Travel3
While working in the travel industry is often personally enriching, it must be recognized that the employer owns a business that must operate profitably and efficiently in order to survive. Consequently, an understanding of administration, operations and finance is critical to the employee's contribution to the company's success.
GEOG-3003World Destinations 23
This course is designed to provide the student with an understanding of tourism's role in international geography. The goal is to provide the knowledge and understanding necessary to effectively and efficiently sell a destination.
TRAV-1037International Field Study2
This course designed to include a familiarization trip of a major tourism destination. The student will examine and prepare all necessary requirements for travelling internationally. As part of a group, the student will experience local culture and attractions, along with other components such as accommodation and activities. Upon completion, the student will perform an analysis of the experience and assessment of the product and specific target markets.
BEVR-1004Wines of the World3
The student will learn the fundamentals of wine making, including the effects from soils, climate and geographical location in order to gain a greater appreciation for the uniqueness of each wine produced. They will study the history of the worlds wine producing regions and their impact on today's abundant market. Students must be 18 years of age prior to taking this course.
MKTG-3044Marketing for Tourism & Travel3
Effective marketing is crucial to the success of the tourism industry and this course aims to provide travel and tourism students with an understanding of the basic concepts and processes of marketing. Students will learn how to identify their target market, conduct research, examine and apply elements of the marketing mix and demonstrate an understanding of the importance of digital and social media channels to drive tourism sales and profit.
TOUR-3005Group Tour Management3
This course analyzes the motivations, needs, and expectations of those who travel in groups. Group travel arrangements are planned for a variety of consumer markets.

Gen Ed - Electives
Take 3 General Education credits -
Normally taken in Level 2

Program Residency
Students Must Complete a Minimum of 21 credits in this
program at Fanshawe College to meet the Program Residency
requirement and Graduate from this program