Co-operative Education Contacts

Fanshawe College, Co-operative Education
Room D1063, London Campus
1001 Fanshawe College Blvd.
London, ON N5Y 5R6

Telephone: 519-452-4294 
Fax: 519-457-4572


Meet our Consultants

Tracey Taylor
Programs: Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technician, Electrical Engineering Technology, Mechanical Technician - CNC/CAM (St. Thomas), Mechanical Technician-Tool and Die (St. Thomas), Renewable Energies Technician (St. Thomas)
519-452-4430 x3980


Amelia Ertel
Programs: Computer Programming and Analysis
519-452-4430 x5127


Betty Schoemaker
Programs: Office Administrative Executive (London, Simcoe, Woodstock), Law Clerk, Adventure Expeditions and Interpretive Leadership
519-452-4430 x4537


Darby Anderson
Programs: Honours Bachelor of Environmental Design and Planning, Geographic Information Systems, GIS and Urban Planning, Horticulture Technician, Landscape Design
519-452-4430 x4579


Jennifer Lee
Programs: Golf and Club Management, Hospitality Management - Food and Beverage, Hospitality - Hotel & Resort Services Management, Tourism & Travel, Aviation Technician - Aircraft Maintenance, Aviation Technician - Avionics Maintenance, Aviation Technology - Aircraft Maintenance and Avionics
519-452-4430 x4596


Joe Teodoro
Programs: Architectural Technology
519-452-4430 x4574


Lisa Holman
Programs: Business - Marketing, Honours Bachelor of Commerce - Digital Marketing, Honours Bachelor of Commerce - Management, Honours Bachelor of Commerce - Human Resources Management, Honours Bachelor of Commerce - Accounting
519-452-4430 x5374


Rachel Pender
Programs: Manufacturing Engineering Technician, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Carpentry & Renovation Technician, Building Renovation Technology
519-452-4430 x4580


Sarah Ruttan
Programs: Cyber Security, Network and Security Architecture, Software and Information Systems Testing
519-452-4430 x4572


Stephanie Hernandez
Programs: Chemical Laboratory Technology, Environmental Technology, Honours Bachelor of Applied Technology - Biotechnology
519-452-4430 x4576


Sue Bennett
Programs: Business - Supply Chain and Operations, Business Analysis, General Arts and Science, Research and Evaluation, Supply Chain Management – Logistics
519-452-4430 x5156


Tanesia Labarrie-Thody
Programs: Computer Systems Technology
519-452-4430 x5271


Tom Nesbitt
Programs: Civil Engineering Technology, Construction Engineering Technology
519-452-4430 x4538


Tracy McIntyre
Programs: Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing and Management, Interior Decorating, Honours Bachelor of Interior Design
519-452-4430 x5375


Laurel Teall​
Programs: Business, Business Accounting, Business Finance, Business Insurance, Business Payroll & Bookkeeping​
519-452-4430 x4578


Additional contacts

Christina Del Mundo
Support Staff
519-452-4430 x4294


Christa Nassar
Customer Service Representative 
519-452-4430 x4718


Jackie Foreman 
Assistant to the Director
519-452-4430 x4812


Nathan Finch
Customer Service Representative
519-452-4430 x5103


Frank Stevens
Customer Service Representative
519-452-4430 x5104


Lisa Rusal
Assistant Manager, Employment and Student Entrepreneurial Services


Darlene O'Neill 
Director, Employment and Student Entrepreneurial Services
519-452-4430 x4294