Welcome to Fanshawe orientation!

At Fanshawe, we care about your success. We want you to finish well, and that requires us to help you start strong. Students who do the online orientation and attend their program orientation are well on their way to a strong start and a successful first semester. Start today to think about your next step forward at Fanshawe.

Orientation day for the Summer 2020 term is to be determined.

Please check back regularly to this page and please watch your email for any updates.

Frequently asked questions about orientation:

Why should I attend orientation? Do I have to go?

  • Orientation is a great opportunity to learn more about Fanshawe College and what to expect now that you're here! Your program orientation is a chance to get all your questions answered and meet students in your specific program. This will allow you to become more familiar with the campus you're attending and feel more comfortable before beginning classes. Your program orientation is strongly recommended to attend. If you are unable to attend Orientation, please be sure to contact your program coordinator - their name can be found in FanshaweOnline (FOL).

What is a program orientation? When and where is mine?

  • Your program orientation is an introduction to your program that will provide an overview of what to expect. Click on your specific campus tab above and search for your program on the following page to find out when your program orientation is.

Where can I find the orientation day schedule?

  • All orientation schedules vary by campus location. To view your campus' specific orientation day schedule, click on your specific campus tab above to view (if posted).

What can I do to better prepare myself before orientation?

  • Know what to expect for your first year at Fanshawe;
  • Consider attending Head Start – designed to prepare new students starting their first college program at Fanshawe;
  • Confirm if you're required to complete a WRIT assessment (select programs only);
  • Check out our online orientation;
  • Download "QLess", Fanshawe's virtual line system, from your smartphone's app store to receive text notifications about wait times and when it's your turn to be served (London Campus and London Downtown Campus only);
  • Stay connected, join our Fanshawe first year Facebook group;
  • Check your course materials list and buy your books online or on campus;
  • Check your class schedules on WebAdvisor;
  • Learn more about when and where to get your student identification card aka FANCard;
  • Secure your locker rental;
    • London Campus: click here or visit the Custodial, Grounds and Support Services office in Room D1018.
    • London Downtown Campus: please log into your FanshaweOnline (FOL) account to apply for a locker.
  • Mark your calendars with important dates;
  • Check out the Fanshawe Student Union.

Where can I check my class schedule?

  • You can check your class schedule on WebAdvisor. Additionally, you can also attend "Dude, Where's My Class?", an info session at Fanshawe's London Campus (1001 Fanshawe College Blvd.) that is designed to help you find your classrooms quicker. All session dates and times are to be determined.


Need help reading your schedule? Just remember this simple guide...

  • Letter = building // First number = floor // Remaining numbers = room

  • For example, if your class is in H2010, it will be in H-building on the second floor in room 10.

How can I connect with other incoming students, upper-year students and Fanshawe staff before beginning?

How do I get to campus?

How do I find my way around Fanshawe?

  • Start by checking out the campus map of the campus you'll be attending, or take a virtual tour (London Campus only). Once on campus for orientation day, you can visit one of the orientation welcome stations, or simply ask anyone in a red Fanshawe t-shirt for assistance getting around campus. We're more than happy to help you!

Where can I park on orientation day?

  • London Campus: You can park in your assigned lots if you have a permit. Otherwise, Lots 5 and 8 are open during orientation.
  • London Downtown Campus: Paid lots close to the London Downtown campus include the Carling St parking lot and the Covent Garden Market parking lot (parking entrance located off of King St). Otherwise, paid street parking and other lots around the city are available.
  • London South Campus: Parking is free in the on-site parking lot.
  • Regional campuses (Woodstock, St. Thomas, Simcoe/Norfolk): Parking is free in the on-site parking lots located at each campus.

What do I need to bring with me to orientation?

  • Requirements may vary based on program, but in general, please have your FOL username/password, and a piece of government-issued photo ID (driver's license, health card, passport, identification card, etc.) to obtain your student card, and something to take notes with (notebook, phone, laptop, etc.)
  • If you have any questions about your FOL username/password or other acceptable forms of ID, please email orientation@fanshawec.ca or call us at 519-452-4277.

What's the best way to meet people during orientation week?

  • We understand that sometimes it can be intimidating to show up alone to an unfamiliar place. Rest assured, everyone is in the same situation as you and we have created opportunities for you to meet and get to know your classmates, faculty and all Fanshawe staff who are here to support you.

I'm arriving late / I was admitted late. Can I still participate?

  • Of course! The easiest way for us to accommodate late registration is to know in advance when you'll be coming. Please contact us at orientation@fanshawec.ca so we can help direct you to your next step.

    What is a FANCard? When and how do I get it?

    • Your FANCard is your official identification card at Fanshawe College and all-access pass to Fanshawe resources, including Student ID, bus pass, room and building access, meal plans, health plans, and more! How you get your FANCard will depend on which campus you attend. Please click on your specific campus tab above or visit the FANCard page of our website to learn more.

    Does orientation cost anything?

    • No, there is no fee for attending orientation.

    I am a student at London Downtown / London South / Regional Campus. Am I allowed to attend the events at London Campus? (Fanshawe College Blvd.)?

    • Yes. However, we strongly recommend you prioritize your program-specific orientation happening at the campus you are located at. We also encourage you participate in the events taking place at your specific campus as it helps to build community and allows you a unique opportunity to connect with classmates in a more intimate setting. However, you are more than welcome to attend London Campus orientation and FSU programming.

    Are all orientation events accessible?

    • Yes! Our orientation committee works hard to make sure everyone can participate in all our orientation events. To confirm that our orientation events suit your specific needs, please contact orientation@fanshawec.ca and let us know what you require so that we can ensure we have the appropriate accommodations in place for you when you arrive.

    I'm an international student coming to Fanshawe. When should I plan to arrive in Canada?

    • International students should arrive during official Arrival Services dates, which will run from Sunday, April 19, 2020 to Friday, May 1, 2020.
      • Please note that due to COVID-19 restrictions, your entry to Canada may be denied. Please email orientation@fanshawec.ca with any questions about arriving into Canada as an international student.

    How do I register for airport pick-up?

    • You can register for airport pick-up by filling out the Student Arrival Services Request form online. Please note that arrival services cannot be booked without visa confirmation, and arrival information MUST be provided at a minimum of 72 hours (three days) before you leave your home country.

    I'm an international student and need assistance finding housing. Who can help me?

    • The International Centre holds accommodations sessions during each term intake (fall, winter, summer). The next upcoming session dates and times are to be determined.

    What is the International Welcome? Why should I attend?

    • The International Welcome is specifically designed for international students of all countries to become better acquainted with Fanshawe College and adjusting to life in Canada. You will have a chance to meet other international students and learn about work permits, accommodations, insurance, and much more!
    • All International Welcome session dates and times for the Spring are to be determined.

    What happens if I arrive late? What do I do next?

    • You cannot arrive late without special permission from a Manager at the Fanshawe International office. If you do happen to arrive late without permission, please check in immediately at the International Centre (London Campus – Room E2025) when you arrive. We are open from Monday to Friday, between 8:30 a.m. – 4 p.m.

    Do you have any more questions?

    Please send an email to orientation@fanshawec.ca or call us at 519-452-4277.


    Note: As of November 1, 2018, all Fanshawe campuses have gone smoke-free. For more information visit www.fanshawec.ca/smokefree.