Fall 2021 Orientation - Tuesday, September 7

Welcome to our Fanshawe College community! We want to ensure you feel confident and supported in your transition to college. We want you to finish well, and that requires us to help you start strong.

Program orientations

All program orientations for the Fall 2021 semester will occur online on Tuesday, September 7. We will send you more information about orientation in August.

Conquering your first 30 days - student services guide

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  • Career building: Get help from Career and Employment Services to improve your resume, cover letter, interview skills and apply to jobs
  • Entrepreneurship help: Get assistance developing your business idea with LEAP Junction
  • Co-Curricular Record: Sign up and build your Co-Curricular Record, an institutionally recognized document that goes with your academic transcript that showcases your involvement and growth outside of the classroom



A message from Fanshawe President Peter Devlin


A message from FSU President Ricardo Souza


Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about orientation:

Fall 2021 - Program delivery

What does "blended delivery" mean?

  • Blended delivery this fall means that students will be scheduled to attend in-person labs and classrooms for only the hands-on skills portion of their learning, and in compliance with physical distancing protocols and public health mandates. Fanshawe is busy reconfiguring the in-person lab sizes to comply with these restrictions. We expect students will only come to campus when required for those in-person labs and classrooms. 

    All lecture and theory portions of learning will be delivered online, including for blended courses. Our professors are working on creative ways cover content virtually, and this is not new for Fanshawe. The College has been working on delivering courses online in innovative ways for more than a decade and we are one of the leaders in the country for online delivery. There are many examples of this in areas where you might not think online delivery is possible such as auto mechanic, where professors demonstrate auto repairs using video and in health care where simulations allow students to simulate work with patients and see inside someone’s mouth in dental programs. Online learning also means flexibility in when and how students can learn and it means staying connected with professors through live office hours or some live discussions. By learning online, students will develop skills that are vital in today’s job market.

What does it mean if an online course is “synchronous” or “asynchronous”?

  •  “Asynchronous” means that students can access content and work on activities independently at a time that is convenient for them. “Synchronous” activities are those where the student will attend live virtual sessions with the professor and the class. Synchronous sessions can be used for office hours, check-ins and problem solving or group work.

How will I know how often I will need to come to campus? When will I see my schedule?

  • Your class schedule is now available on WebAdvisor. We expect students will only come to campus when required for in-person labs and classrooms. You can also view more detailed information about services available on campus by visiting our Return to campus FAQ page.

Will students have the support of teachers online or by video calls?

  • Your professors care very much about your success as a student, meaning they want you to be prepared for the job and career you will have after graduation. To that end, they will want to support you in a number of ways, whether by online office hours, FanshaweOnline (FOL) posts, email check-in or video chat. As always, take advantage of the opportunities presented to you to learn from your professors’ expertise and hear about their own experiences in the field in which you want to work.
About orientation

Why should I attend orientation? Do I have to go?

  • Orientation is a great opportunity to learn more about Fanshawe College and what to expect now that you're here! It is strongly encouraged you attend orientation to be the most informed about your time at Fanshawe.

What is a program orientation? When and where is mine?

  • Your program orientation is a chance to get all your questions answered and meet students in your specific program. This will allow you to become more familiar with the campus you're attending and feel more comfortable before beginning classes.
  • All program orientations for the Fall 2021 semester will occur online on Tuesday, September 7. We will send you more information about orientation in August.

How can I be successful as an online learner?

  • You can watch this video on how to be a successful online learner created by our eLearning Coordinators at your convenience.

What can I do to prepare myself for my semester?

  • Check out our guide above on "Conquering your first 30 days".

Where can I check my class schedule?

  • Class schedules for the Fall 2021 semester will be released on August 9, 2021. Once available, you can check your class schedule on WebAdvisor.
  • Don't know your login? You would have received an email from Fanshawe with your username and password when you first applied. If you cannot find the email, you can reset your password HERE with your username (if you know it) or your student number.

How can I connect with other incoming students, upper-year students and Fanshawe staff?

What student services are available to me?

  • Visit the myFanshawe student portal for a full list of student services available to you, whether virtually or in-person. Log in using your Fanshawe username and password. If you need help with these, contact the IT Service Desk.
  • You may also visit for more information on services available during COVID-19. You can also


Attending orientation

How do I access my FanshaweOnline (FOL) username/password?

How do I access my student number and/or confirmation of enrolment letter?

  • Step 1: Log in to WebAdvisor.
  • Step 2: Select the Student tab on the right hand side of the page.
  • Step 3: Under the Academic Profile heading, select:
    • My Profile tab to locate your 7-digit student number

    • Verification of Enrolment Letter tab to access a confirmation of enrolment letter. (If you are unable to access your confirmation of enrolment letter, please email

What's the best way to meet people?

I'm arriving late / I was admitted late. Can I still participate?

  • Of course! The easiest way for us to accommodate late registration is to know in advance when you'll be coming. Please contact us at so we can help direct you to your next step.


Orientation details

What is a FANCard? When and how do I get it?

  • Your FANCard is your official identification card at Fanshawe College and all-access pass to Fanshawe resources, including Student ID, bus pass, room and building access, meal plans, health plans, and more! Click here to learn more about FANCards.

Does orientation cost anything?

  • No, there is no fee for attending orientation.

Are all orientation events happening online accessible?

  • Yes! Our orientation committee works hard to make sure everyone can participate in all our orientation events. To confirm that our orientation events suit your specific needs, please contact and let us know what you require so that we can ensure we have the appropriate accommodations in place for you when you arrive.

How do I register with Accessibility Services?

  • Start by completing the Early I.D. Form by logging on to FanshaweOnline. Look under “Resources” and click “Accessibility Online Services”.  Click the “Early I.D. Form” link, then click the “Register” button.

    Please note: You must have an active FanshaweOnline (FOL) account before you can access the Early I.D. Form. Once you have confirmed your offer of admission by paying your $250 deposit, your FOL account should be active.

What are my parking options when I come to campus?

  • London Campus: The general lots (Lot 5 & 8) will be $2.50 per entry. Parking in the general lots is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

  • Downtown Campus: Please park in one of the municipal lots located downtown. Parking fees vary by lot.

  • Regional Campuses: Parking is free at the lots of each Regional Campus.

To view campus maps, please click here.

How do I obtain a bus pass?


International students

I'm an international student coming to Fanshawe. When should I plan to arrive in Canada?

International students coming to Canada are required to complete a 14-day quarantine period upon arrival and quarantine plans must be approved by Fanshawe. Please see the Fanshawe Cares – Arrival Services page for more information.

What international student sessions can I attend before orientation?

Fanshawe Cares: Virtual drop-in sessions that cover topics such as health care, Fanshawe Student Union (FSU), the Library Learning Commons, housing and more!

  • Date / Time: TBD for Fall 2021 semester
  • Drop-in / join: TBD for Fall 2021 semester

Fanshawe Works: A two-day virtual workshop that provides in-depth information about living and working in Canada.

  • Date / Time: TBD for Fall 2021 semester
  • Register: TBD for Fall 2021 semester

International Welcome: A virtual session designed for international students to become better acquainted with Fanshawe College and adjusting to life in Canada.

  • Date / Time: TBD for Fall 2021 semester
  • Register: TBD for Fall 2021 semester

If you have any other questions, please email us at to speak to someone in the International Office.

Returning (Level 2+) students

Welcome back, returning students!

  • Fanshawe continues to be Here For You as you start your next semester. Click here to see your favourite services that are available for you!
  • Were you in an upper-year (Level 2+) program orientation? If you weren't able to attend your orientation, please contact your Program Coordinator for any information you may have missed. Your Program Coordinator's contact info can be found here.
  • Need a refresher on FanshaweOnline (FOL)? We have a series of pre-recorded videos explaining FOL. Watch the full playlist here our Fanshawe YouTube page.
  • InSPIRE Mentoring: InSPIRE is Fanshawe’s official student mentorship experience. Three different pillars to accommodate different career goals and industries: Peer-to-peer, Industry Matching, and Build-your-own. Whether you want to pass knowledge down to other students or build lasting connections for your future, learn more about being either a mentor or a mentee at


Are you required to come on campus?

If so, here are some important things you need to do before arriving:

  • Download the Canada COVID Alert App (iOS / Android)
  • When available, complete the COVID Training Fall 2021 module located on FanshaweOnline (FOL) Program homepage (If possible, please use a computer to complete the training, not a phone.)
  • Conduct a self-screening through the Fanshawe Stay Safe app (iOS / Android) each day you wish to be on campus

  • Wear a mask when in the building.

  • For more information, find all COVID-19 related procedures here.

Do you have any more questions?

Please send an email to or call us at 519-452-4277. For more information regarding the upcoming semester, please click here for the most up-to-date news.


Note: As of November 1, 2018, all Fanshawe campuses have gone smoke-free. For more information visit