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Impressive Resumés (1 hour)

If you have a start to your Resume or simply need to update what you have please bring your laptop with either, a job you would like to apply to or an actual job description and we will work with you to perfect your Resume. Feel free to drop in between the hours posted for Resume help and advice, and be prepared the leave with a working document!

We will walk you through such things as:

  • what must be included in your resume
  • tailoring your resume to the position
  • how to identify the skills you should highlight
  • what to include under experience and education

Cover Letters and References (1 hour)

Do you know that a Cover Letter is usually required when applying for a new position? If you need assistance writing a Cover Letter please bring your laptop with in addition to a job you would like to apply for or an actual job description and we will work with you to construct a targeted letter. Feel free to drop in between the hours posted for assistance, and be prepared the leave with a working document!

We will walk you through such things as:

  • what must be included in your Cover Letter
  • how to make your Cover Letter stand out and set you apart
  • tailoring your Cover Letter to a position/employer

How to Master your Interview (1 hour)

If you are preparing for a job interview for part-time, full-time, a co-op, or a clinical placement this is the workshop for you! You can come with questions that you have prepared or email us ahead of time and we will bring questions related to your industry.

We will introduce you to:

  • questions you may be asked in the interview
  • research how much others are making in similar positions
  • Interview Stream - a powerful software to record your mock interview
  • Questions you should consider asking the interviewer
  • how/where to research for your interview

Job Search and Social Media (1 hour)

This workshop includes a rundown of the things you will need to know when looking for your first job:

  • what employers expect from you and how to succeed
  • what you should expect from your employer
  • where the jobs are
  • what marketing materials you will need to get a job

You are a smart job searcher; you have probably researched everything there is to know about resumes, cover letters, interviews, and all of the other job-searching basics.

However, you might not be as familiar with the newest technique for searching for jobs: Social Media.

Most people know how to use social media in their personal lives, but it actually has a lot of power to make (or break) your job search. Studies have shown that 92% of companies are using social media for hiring—and that three out of four hiring managers will check out a candidate's social profiles.

How can you tap into the power of social media (and avoid the pitfalls) to make searching for jobs easier? We have gathered all the tips you need to use out there to your advantage. In addition, if you want to learn even more? Register for our workshop on landing a job using social media.

Networking (1 hour)

Are you a networker? If not, this information session will help attendees:

  • recognize the importance of networking
  • the power of such things as LinkedIn
  • identify where to begin networking
  • overcome obstacles in networking such as being shy, being new to the area, etc.
  • perfect the perfect handshake

LinkedIn (1 hour)

Learn the ins and outs of this dynamic social media site, build a profile that works for you, and leverage the vast array of options and specifics to making your LinkedIn profile work for you. Then take it to the next level, please bring your laptop with you.

We will discuss such things as:

  • the ins and outs of using LinkedIn as a part of your overall job search strategy
  • using LinkedIn as a research tool
  • connecting with like-minded career professionals and leveraging your networking opportunities
  • uncover some quick tips and tricks to maximize your profile

To complement the workshops, Career Services in Partnership with Library and Media Services, and the Fanshawe Photography Students offers a Head Shot event each semester. Headshots are taken by professionals and are an ideal photo to optimize your profile.

Personality Dimensions TM (2.5 hours)

Are you an Inquiring Green or maybe an Authentic Blue? Perhaps you are an Organized Gold or a Resourceful Orange This seminar allows students to recognize their strengths and appreciate differences while fostering increased self-knowledge.

How to use Co-Curricular Record for Career Success (1 hour)

Understand the purpose of:

  • Co-Curricular Record
  • which activities to add
  • how to use it when writing resumes and during an interview

Be Job Ready (1 hour)

This workshop includes a rundown of the things you will need to know when looking for employment. This includes:

  • What employers expect from you and how to succeed
  • What you should expect from your employer
  • Where the jobs are
  • What marketing materials you will need to get a job

The Gig Economy (1 hour)

Shifts in our economy have created a rise in work outside of the traditional, predictable 9-5 job. Non-Traditional, Contract, Temporary and Freelance work could be the way of the future. Join us to find out what skills you will need to be successful and cultivate opportunities in the Gig Economy.

Webinar Series (1 hour)

Career Services is now offering online workshops for students to stream remotely. Webinars include Impressive Resumes, Cover Letters and References, How to Master your Interview, The GIG Economy, LinkedIn, Networking, Job Search and Social Media, and more. Register on our events calendar: FOL-Resources-Career/Co-op/CCR.


Rising Leaders

Life After Graduation

Headshot Event (2 hours)

Our headshot events are a joint effort with the Fanshawe Photography students. Professional photographers will take your headshot to better assist students with their overall job search needs. The Headshot event is open to the entire Fanshawe community. To view upcoming events and registration information visit FOL - Resources - Career/Co-op/CCR.

Career Consultant on Duty  

Drop in to one of our campus locations to meet with a Career Consultant if you are seeking extra help with:

  • Navigating the FOL job board
  • Resume critique: It is helpful to have a hard copy of your resume with you, but not necessary. For students needing more in-depth help with job search and resume writing, we request that you make an appointment with one of our Career Services Consultants.
  • Cover letter assistance
  • Job search guidance

Please visit our events calendar on FOL for more information on location, dates, and times.


Campus Location Date Time
St. Thomas Campus Room 151 Every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
London Downtown Campus Room 202, 130 Dundas St. Weekly - Tuesday 9 am - 4 pm
Oxford Street Campus  Room D1063 Weekly - Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 1 - 4 pm
London South Campus Room 101 Weekly - Tuesday, and Friday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm