For workshop times, event listings, or to register visit FOL – Resources - Career/Co-op/CCR or call us at 519-452-4294. All workshops will be held in Room D1061 (London Campus) unless otherwise stated. For more information, please email

Life After Graduation workshop series:

21 Things Nobody Tells You When You Graduate! (1 hour)

Uncover the secrets that will help you navigate life and your career as you start adulting.

Job Hunting For New Graduates (1 hour)

Are you ready for all of your hard work to pay off? Now what?

Join us for more information on: personal branding, target audience, networking, LinkedIn, informational interviews, how to use co-curricular record on a resumé, and other successful job search tools.

Winning resumés For Your First Real Job (1 hour)

Not sure what to include, what to stay away from, or where to even start? We can help!

Please join us for a deep dive into preparing a professional resumé in your new field of expertise!

We will discuss: what your skills are, what employers are looking for and how to get your resumé noticed for the right reasons.

Impressive Interviews (1hour)

Develop an interview plan that showcases your skills, knowledge and personality.

What Not To Do When You Get The Job! (1 hour)

As you navigate through the workplace, consider these helpful hints in order to make a good and lasting impression!


Resumé - Marketing Yourself Effectively (1 hour)

What are employers looking to see in a resumé? In this workshop, you will learn how to market yourself successfully, showcase your qualifications, strengths and skills effectively while inspiring an employer to read further. Learn how to convey your past responsibilities and accomplishments, how well you completed them, and how you can benefit their company.

Resumé - Step One to an Interview (1 hour)

Great resumés display not only your skills and qualifications but they sell you as the ideal package. To make sure your resumé is full of excitement you need to sell your qualifications relevant to the job, and demonstrate how each item on your resumé will bring value to a potential employer. In this workshop, you will learn how to deliver resumés that get you an interview.

Resumé 101 (1 hour)

If you have a start to your Resume or simply need to update what you have please bring your laptop with either, a job you would like to apply to or an actual job description and we will work with you to perfect your Resume. Feel free to drop in between the hours posted for Resume help and advice, and be prepared the leave with a working document!

We will walk you through such things as:

  • what must be included in your resume
  • tailoring your resume to the position
  • how to identify the skills you should highlight
  • what to include under experience and education

Cover Letters and References (1 hour)

Do you know that a Cover Letter is usually required when applying for a new position? If you need assistance writing a Cover Letter please bring your laptop with in addition to a job you would like to apply for or an actual job description and we will work with you to construct a targeted letter. Feel free to drop in between the hours posted for assistance, and be prepared the leave with a working document!

We will walk you through such things as:

  • what must be included in your Cover Letter
  • how to make your Cover Letter stand out and set you a part
  • tailoring your Cover Letter to a position/employer

Interview Preparation (1 hour)

If you are preparing for a job interview for part-time, full-time, a co-op, or a clinical placement this is the workshop for you! You can come with questions that you have prepared or email us ahead of time and we will bring questions related to your industry.

We will introduce you to:

  • questions you may be asked in the interview
  • research how much others are making in similar positions
  • Interview Stream, a powerful software to record your mock interview
  • Questions you should consider asking the interviewer
  • how/where to research for your interview

Job Search Strategies (45 Mins)

This information session includes a rundown of the things you will need to know when looking for your first part-time job. This includes:

  • what employers expect from you and how to succeed
  • what you should expect from your employer
  • where the jobs are
  • what marketing materials you will need to get a job

Be Social Media Savvy (45 mins)

This information sessions identifies:

  • the various types of social media platforms some employers use, and gives
  • tips on how to use social media effectively in a job search and for applying for jobs
  • how best to guard yourself online

Networking Wizardry (45 mins)

Are you a networker? If not, this information session will help attendees:

  • recognize the importance of networking
  • the power of such things as LinkedIn
  • identify where to begin networking
  • overcome obstacles in networking such as being shy, being new to the area, etc.
  • perfect the perfect handshake

LinkedIn Know-How (1 hour)

Learn the ins and outs of this dynamic social media site, build a profile that works for you, and leverage the vast array of options and specifics to making your LinkedIn profile work for you!

To compliment the workshops, Career Services in Partnership with Library and Media Services offers a Head Shot event each semester. Headshots are taken by professionals and are an ideal photo to optimize your profile.

LinkedIn 2.0 (1 hour)

If you are already using LinkedIn but would like to take it to the next level, please bring your laptop and join us for an informal session on using this sleeping giant.

We will discuss such things as:

  • the ins and outs of using LinkedIn as a part of your overall job search strategy
  • using LinkedIn as a research tool
  • connecting with like-minded career professionals and leveraging your networking opportunities
  • uncover some quick tips and tricks to maximize your profile

Social Media Job Search (1 hour)

You are a smart job searcher; you have probably researched everything there is to know about resumes, cover letters, interviews, and all of the other job-searching basics.

However, you might not be as familiar with the newest technique for searching for jobs: Social Media.

Most people know how to use social media in their personal lives, but it actually has a lot of power to make (or break) your job search. Studies have shown that 92% of companies are using social media for hiring—and that three out of four hiring managers will check out a candidate's social profiles.

How can you tap into the power of social media (and avoid the pitfalls) to make searching for jobs easier? We have gathered all the tips you need to use out there to your advantage. In addition, if you want to learn even more? Register for our workshop on landing a job using social media.

Personality Dimensions TM (2.5 hours)

Are you an Inquiring Green or maybe an Authentic Blue? Perhaps you are an Organized Gold or a Resourceful Orange This seminar allows students to recognize their strengths and appreciate differences while fostering increased self-knowledge.

Visualize your Future: Creating a Vision Board (1 hour)

Develop a visual representation of the goals you have for your future and things that you aspire to do in your life.

How to use Co-Curricular Record for Career Success (1 hour)

Understand the purpose of:

  • Co-Curricular Record
  • which activities to add
  • how to use it when writing resumes and during an interview

Workplace Etiquette (1 hr.)

Understand how to meet employer expectations in the workplace and how to succeed on the job.

Welcome to the Canadian World of Work - Career Services Information Session (30 mins)

  • primarily aimed at International Students
  • what is involved in a Canadian job search
  • services offered through our office
  • materials to get you started on preparing for your job search

My Personality Preferences (Myers Briggs Type Indicator TM)

The goal of MBTI®, or Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, profile assessment is to determine your preferences and understand better your likes, dislikes, tendencies, strengths, areas of growth, and how best to work with other personality types. The assessment provides you with a profile using four letters that captures your true nature, and is designed to help you learn more about you, and to use what you know about yourself to enhance your personal and professional life. 

E-Portfolios (1 hour)

E-Portfolios are personal websites that communicate and display skills, experience and learning. Containing diverse artifacts such as documents and media e-portfolios will contextualize items for a particular audience, such as a potential employer or graduate school. E-portfolios are as unique as the students who create them.


Resumania – generally 2 hours

The purpose of Resumania is to offer 15-minute critique of your resume by a career professional. It is helpful to have a hard copy of your resume with you, but not necessary. Resumania is a drop-in event held throughout various areas of the various campuses. This event is not ideal for students needing more in-depth help with job search, resume writing, and are requested to make an appointment one of our Career Services staff members.

Headshot Event – generally 2 hours

Our headshot events are a joint effort with the Library and Media Services department at Fanshawe. Professional photographers will take your headshot to better assist students with their overall job search needs. The Headshot Event is open to the entire Fanshawe community. Resumania is always offered whenever there is a headshot event, so while you waiting please bring your resume with you for a quick review. To download your headshot the staff from Library and Media Services will provide you with directions using Flickr.

Workmania – generally 2 hours

The purpose of Workmania is to offer students suggestions and tips for their part-time job search. Our staff will conduct a quick critique of your resume to prepare it for a part-time position. It is helpful to have a hard copy of your resume with you, but not necessary. Workmania is a drop-in event held throughout various areas of the various campuses. Our staff will have some examples of job applications; some recently posted part-time positions, as well as tips on applying for part-time work.

Information sessions:

Be Job Ready (45 mins)

This information sessions Includes a rundown of the things you will need to know when looking for your first part-time job. This includes:

  • What employers expect from you and how to succeed
  • What you should expect from your employer
  • Where the jobs are
  • What marketing materials you will need to get a job