FAQ for students

What services are available and where are you located?

Career Services helps students become job ready through workshops, one-to-one appointments, duty days, events, job board, InterviewStream and FanshaweOnline (FOL). We are located in Room D1063 at the Fanshawe College Blvd. campus.

What workshops are offered and how do I register?

We offer workshops on resumé development, cover letters and references, job search strategies, LinkedIn profiles and more. Students are able to register to attend these workshops through FOL or stop by Room D1063.

Who is my Career Consultant and how do I make an appointment?

Career Consultants are responsible for specific schools. To find out who your consultant is, please check out your Career course on FOL, visit the Career Services Contacts web page or stop by Room D1063. You can make an appointment to meet with your consultant through our office, Room D1063, or by emailing your consultant.

What are duty days and when are they?

Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m., there is a Career Consultant on "duty" to see any students on a drop-in basis for their job search needs.

What type of events are held?

Events such as Resumania and Headshots, Ignite Conference, Career Fairs, Networking events and more!

How do I access the Fanshawe Career job board?

Log onto FOL, drop-down Resources tab and click on "Career, Co-op, Co-curricular" – this will take you to the job postings that employers post at Fanshawe.

How do students apply to on-campus jobs?

A) Domestic students: If you are a domestic student, here are the steps for applying for the Work Study program on-campus jobs:

  1. First, you need to apply for the Work Study Bursary
  2. Go to: the Bursaries search page
  3. Under "Bursaries Accepting Applications" (left side of screen), click "Apply" next to the appropriate bursary
  4. Enter your FOL user name and password (leave out "@fanshaweonline.ca")
  5. Provide the information as requested and submit when completed. Financial Aid staff will review your application to ascertain your eligibility and you will receive a decision by email.

To view Work Study positions:

  1. Go to "Job Seekers – Log In" at https://www.fanshawec.ca/careerservices/jobseekers
  2. Click "Active Student"
  3. Log in to your FOL account
  4. Click on the "Career/Co-op/CCR" option in the Resources menu
  5. In the Career menu, go to "Job Postings"
  6. Click "On-campus Jobs"

When you get your approval letter, come to Room D1063 (Career Services) and ask for the contact information and the job locations for the positions you wish to apply for.

Questions about the Work Study approval process can be sent to bursaries@fanshawec.ca.

B) International students: If you are an international student, you need to fill out an application for ISWEP (International Student Work Experience Program) and drop it off in the Financial Aid office, room E2020. This application and more information can be found on the bursaries webpage.

  1. When you get your approval letter, come to Room D1063 (Career Services) and ask to see the job postings.
  2. Questions about the ISWEP approval can be sent to: fad@fanshawec.ca.

Some on-campus jobs may not be part of either one of these programs (ISWEP or Work Study program). If Career Services receives such job postings, they will be advertised on our jobsite:

  1. Click on "Career/Co-op/CCR" option in the Resources menu on the FOL home page
  2. In the Career menu, go to "Job Postings"
  3. Click "On-campus Jobs"

The application procedure of each job posting will provide information on how to apply to these jobs.