Every student should have access to a mentorship experience as a tool in their career development. Through this experience, mentees are able to build meaningful connections as well as learn how to engage in mentorship throughout their future careers. 


We offer mentorship opportunities and experiences to guide students in working toward their career development goals. When you join InSPIRE Mentoring you will:

  • Gain supportive, meaningful connections within your industry and throughout Fanshawe

  • Receive advice, encouragement and support as you navigate your career path

  • Identify your career development goals

  • Learn how to leverage mentorship as a tool in working toward your goals

  • Develop professional communication and networking skills while building your confidence

  • Gain industry knowledge, insight and exposure to real-world applications of your program

  • Receive event invitations to meet and engage with other participants

  • Obtain Co-Curricular Record recognition of participation for your portfolio or resume


There’s a place for everyone within InSPIRE Mentoring. We recognize that each student has their own goals, timeline, availability and preferences for how they want to engage in mentorship. That’s why each of our options has a different focus and approach to connecting with mentors. Each option offers a different level of flexibility and commitment on your part, so take a look and determine what works best for you and your career development goals.​

Program Pillars

Peer Mentorship

Connect with peers who are engaged in campus life and on the path to their future careers.

Peer Mentorship

Industry Mentorship

Navigate your career development pathway by engaging with industry professionals.  Choose the type(s) of mentorship experience that aligns best with your needs:

Larry Myny Industry Mentorship - Create industry connections by being formally matched with a professional in your area of interest.

Larry Myny Industry Mentorship

Build Your Own Experience - Design an independent mentorship experience that aligns with your career goals by initiating connections with industry professionals.

Build Your Own Experience


Why mentors join InSPIRE? 

  • Gain recognition for your skills, industry knowledge and experience, along with a sense of fulfillment and personal growth
  • Develop leadership and communication skills while expanding your own professional network and building a sense of community
  • Have an opportunity to give back to your professional community by providing advice and encouragement, helping to develop the next generation of leaders
  • Be exposed to fresh perspectives, ideas, approaches and emerging talent
  • Receive invitations to program events to meet and engage with other participants


Questions? Contact the InSPiRE Mentoring Team at inspirementoring@fanshawec.ca