Fanshawe College. Innovation Village.

It takes a village to change the way we think about learning.

Imagine a place that welcomes all and is student-focused. Where students do things differently, in a non-traditional manner, where attitudes are open-minded, where community partners will access expert resources of students and professors through project work all with a view to fueling economic growth and social benefits.

What is Innovation Village?

In the heart of the Fanshawe London Campus, Innovation Village will be a physical and virtual hub where students will discover one-stop supports and exceptional learning. It will include collaborative work spaces, virtual reality and multimedia labs, a makerspace, project rooms, research support and cutting edge equipment.



Feature story

Apiary research at FanshaweOctober 2019

Bee hives on campus a true team effort

Bee hives featured in innovative research project at Fanshawe College.

Read about Fanshawe's apiary project.


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