Fanshawe College. Innovation Village.

Fanshawe is creating a new kind of community – where the creativity of students and the wisdom of educators and mentors converge to advance innovation. A place to disrupt the norm, push boundaries, collaborate and create. Where passion is welcomed and supported – to realize potential, solve real problems and grow our economies, here and across Canada.

Innovation Monthly Newsletter

Innovation reimagined

Our story begins with a reimagination of 'innovation' and what it means at Fanshawe. In virtual and physical form, Innovation Village will be a place where technology and knowledge collide, where space and perspective converge, where students and the community collaborate to create new solutions that assist businesses of all sizes move from concept, to reality, to success.

Convergence of space and perspectiveConvergence
of space and perspective

Faculty, students and community members with diverse cultural and educational perspectives will converge in a newly renovated central location with one-stop services. A diverse student population will leverage the wisdom of faculty and elders to generate new ideas and challenge one-dimensional approaches to problems.

Collision of technology and thoughtCollision
of technology and thought

Innovation Village will enable a culture where divergent ideas collide in a safe environment resulting in a disruption of traditional education methodologies. Diverse perspectives will challenge existing thinking as students, faculty and industry partners embrace emergent technologies, advances in digitization and big data to generate new solutions, inventions and innovations.

Collaboration between diverse teamsCollaboration
between diverse teams

Students, supported by expert faculty, will work collaboratively with external organizations to address opportunities and problems. Innovation Village will support post-secondary education programs by providing experiential learning activities that challenge students to apply creative design thinking, cultural awareness and consultative approaches.

Creation of new solutionsCreation
of new solutions

Students will learn to be adaptable and resilient so they can spot the opportunities to create jobs, drive growth across all industries and improve lives. Fanshawe will build a progressive community that develops solutions to problems and creates new opportunities for businesses.

Bringing innovation to life

Located at the core of the London Campus, the Innovation Village i4C Hub will be a virtual and physical gateway that supports a vibrant and collaborative ecosystem where students can access one stop supports and services that will promote innovative practices for exceptional learning. Developed in collaboration with the Fanshawe Student Union, a key student service provider, the i4C Hub's unique physical spaces will include:

1  Student Pop-up Marketplace.

In close partnership with FSU, the existing Forwell Hall will be transformed into a flex-use event area where students can showcase their creativity, new businesses and recent inventions.

2  The Gathering Place.

Where Indigenous community members, students and faculty will come together to celebrate lifelong learning, interconnectedness and the development of a sense of responsibility to community life in this renewed indoor/outdoor gathering space.

3  The Connector.

A one-stop centralized shop for innovators to quickly access and leverage existing Fanshawe supports and services including the Centre for Research and Innovation, the Library research team, the Canadian Centre for Product Validation (CCPV) and the Centre for Advanced Research in Biotechnology (CARIB).

4  Entrepreneur Incubator.

Fanshawe's student entrepreneurial services, LEAP Junction, will build on its success with an expanded footprint to include short-term office spaces where new student businesses can begin to take flight.

5  The Gateway.

An inspiring entranceway that will digitally showcase student projects and businesses, along with an interactive welcome desk to guide innovation seekers as they begin their journey.

6  Presentation Studio and Pitch Space.

A high profile presentation studio with a cutting-edge digital theatre will excite both in-person and virtual audiences with the energy of student innovators pitching their dreams to obtain funding or support.

The Library  Reimagined.

Fanshawe's existing Library will be transformed into three cross-functional floors for interdisciplinary collaboration and connections including:

7  Collaboration Stations.

Flexible gathering spaces to allow for student collaboration, focus groups, community engagements, Indigenous learning circles and consultations with elders and faculty.

8  High Performance Learning Labs.

Group project areas, supported by faculty mentors from across all disciplines, peer tutoring and student success services.

9  Maker Spaces.

Ideas and inventions will be brought to life in maker spaces, where 3-D printers, collaborative software platforms, multi-media studios and other technologies will support exploration and invention.

10  Big Data and Ai Launch Pad.

The i4C Hub will harness Fanshawe's experts to work with students and community members on big data initiatives and machine learning to solve problems, operationalize predictive analysis and develop smarter capabilities.

The Fanshawe advantage

Canada's Transformative College - Innovation Thrives Here

With federal, provincial and student support, Fanshawe will build the physical and virtual infrastructure to launch the Innovation Village by September 2020 to foster innovative and prosperous communities across southwestern Ontario. Innovation Village will ensure students have rich experiential learning opportunities as an essential part of their education. Students will have access to the supports, services and equipment they need to enter the workforce job-ready with the ability to think critically, question the obvious, challenge the status quo and adapt to resolve complex problems in novel ways.

Building on a history of strong industry and community partnerships, a track record of launching successful student start-up enterprises and the delivery of outstanding quality in teaching and service, Innovation Village will drive new collaborations, help private and public sector organizations innovate and create jobs for Ontario's economic future.

Your support is needed

Fanshawe's Innovation Village will do all this and more, but only with your support:

  • Help students develop future skills in demand in our local communities;
  • Empower student teams to solve problems and improve the health and social conditions in our communities;
  • Give entrepreneurs the resources required to bring new businesses to life;
  • Provide regional businesses access to student creativity and energy. Innovation Village requires a four-tier funding partnership involving Fanshawe College, the Fanshawe Student Union, government sponsors and community champions. We are asking these supporting partners to raise the $30 million needed to bring Innovation Village to life.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Peter Devlin
President, Fanshawe College

David Belford
Executive Director, Innovation Village