General Education Electives - Registration for Out-of-Sequence & Part-Time Students

If your program was not on the list of those regularly scheduled to take a General Education (Gen Ed) elective course this semester, then you are considered Out-of-Sequence.

You may be out of sequence because:

  • You are a part-time student, OR
  • You are working ahead, OR
  • You took a Gen Ed elective before, but you failed or withdrew from it, and you now need to pick up a Gen Ed to fulfill your program's graduation requirements, OR
  • You missed taking your elective during your scheduled term, OR
  • You placed out of WRIT - in this instance, please follow the WRIT Place-Out link for more information.

As a result, you will not receive email communication from the Gen Ed department about registration and will not be able to register for your course via WebAdvisor.

How to Register:

Option A (for Diploma students only):

  1. Review the list of courses being offered by clicking on a Band. You can enroll in any course as long as it fits into your timetable and has available space. We offer Gen Eds at multiple London locations, so please be mindful of the location when selecting your Gen Ed.
  2. Record the subject/course code (example: PSYC), course number (example: 1007) and section number (example: 60) of the course you want. You may want to pick more than one course in case your first course choice is full.
  3. Contact the Registrar's Office, pay your fee, and they will enroll you in your elective. Please remember that there are no waiting lists for courses that are full! We strongly advise you to register in your Gen Ed as soon as possible to enroll in your first choice.

Option B (for Diploma or Degree students):

  1. Review your timetable and the Gen Ed options listed on the website. To expedite the process, know the Band and Course you are wanting to take before visiting A2003 to meet with our Coordinator, or Advisor (we meet students on a first come, first served basis) who will double check your timetable and the course availability.
  2. You will be given a blue form to take to the Registrar's Office to pay your fee, and they will enroll you in your elective. Your seat is not held with the blue form, and it must be immediately taken to the Registrar's Office following your meeting in A2003.

Key Dates:

Registration for Fall 2018 opens on Wednesday, July 18, 2018. You will not be able to complete your registration before this date.