Below you will find a step-by-step guide on how to complete your online registration in a General Education (GenEd) elective course. This information only applies to you if you are in a program that is regularly scheduled to take an elective course as part of your upcoming semester.

If you are not normally scheduled to take an elective course this semester – this may be because you have failed or withdrawn from an elective in a previous semester, are a part-time student, or are taking a GenEd elective before you are required to do so in your program – please visit the Out-of-sequence students page.

How to register online:

  1. Select your program and level.
  2. Record the course code (example: ENGL for English), course number (example: 1007) and section number (example: 01) of the course you want.
  3. You may want to pick more than one course in case your first course choice is full. Please remember that there are no waiting lists for courses that are full! We strongly advise you to register in your GenEd as soon as possible to enroll in your first choice.
  4. Go to WebAdvisor, log into your Student account, and use Express Registration to sign up for a course. Enter the information (subject/number/section/term) from the elective you selected and click Continue.
  5. On the next screen, choose Register from the action drop-down box and click Continue.
  6. Please confirm your registration was successful by checking your Course Schedule Grid Layout (WebAdvisor > Main Menu). If you registered correctly, you will see your course there.

More help:

Still having trouble? Check out our "How to Register for a General Education Elective" tip sheet.