A timeline for students starting in the Fall term

October to February 1

May 1


May to August

  • Accessibility: Identify any accessibility needs early, so any learning or physical accommodations can be in place when the semester starts.
  • Admission conditions: Your offer of admission is conditional. You need to finish all of the conditions (listed on your offer letter) before you can start classes. Find out more.
  • Post-admission requirements: Some programs require you to do something before you start classes. Some examples of these requirements are: the WRIT assessment; pre-placement process; and purchasing a mandatory laptop. For a list of the post-admission requirements for your program, see www.fanshawec.ca/requirements.

Early July

  • Get organized: Attend Head Start. Bring your parents and supporters. Attend a Jump Start workshop for study skills/math help.


  • Learn college technology: What is the difference between MyFanshawe, FanshaweOnline and WebAdvisor. Find out here. Do your Online Orientation using FanshaweOnline.



  • Books: Order online or go in person to buy textbooks.
  • Admission conditions: Don't forget, your admission conditions are due 3 weeks before the start of classes.

Late August


* Starting in January, March or May? The timeline for applying is much the same. For the rest of this list, think in terms of months/weeks before your first day of class.