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Choosing whether or not to live on campus in the first year of studies is a big decision for many young students, especially those who are preparing to start their adult lives after graduation. While some of these students choose to live on campus, other students choose to live off campus. If you’re not sure if you should move for college, read more about whether you should move out of your parents’ house for college.

What are the benefits of living on campus?

Get to know your school

If you live on campus, there are other students nearby who can help with the transition as well as Resident Advisors and upper year students who can help you find the right classrooms, bus routes and more. The more time you spend on campus, the easier it will become to navigate and get to know where everything is, from the gym, to study space, to the best location to grab a snack!

Want to get to know Fanshawe's campus before you move in? Visit our next Open House and check out the residence and amenities offered on campus.

Everything is located close by

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The campus has everything you need readily available to you. You’re within walking distance of class, study spaces and student supports. This kind of convenience is really helpful when you’re in a new environment for the first time. You won’t have to worry about navigating a new city along with a new campus when you first arrive–you can learn all about the city when you’re ready.

Social opportunities

If you live on campus, there will be other first-year students nearby who are going through the same changes in life that you might be experiencing. You may also have roommates or housemates, creating a built-in social circle. The college also puts on events to help you get to know your fellow students and the community.

Independence in a safe environment

If you’re moving away from your family home for the first time, it can be both exciting and scary. Becoming an independent person for the first time in your life leads to freedom, not only for simple things like choosing what you want to eat and how late you’ll stay out (at the library, of course) but also because you’ll be learning how to be independent and become your own person. Living on campus allows you to do all these things while maintaining some of the structure and safety you may need. There will be additional support available to you on campus, like food if you forget to pick up a meal or counselling if you’re feeling homesick.

Guaranteed Living Space for First-Year Students

Avoid worrying about where you will live for your first year away from home. Fanshawe College guarantees space in residence for full-time Canadian first-year students who complete their application and make their first payment prior to the deadline for that term. Learn more about applying for residence at Fanshawe or read more about life in residence.

Learn more about life at Fanshawe. Visit our next Open House

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