Friday, January 24, 2020
The top five benefits of completing an Ontario college graduate certificate

Universities and colleges offer a myriad of learning opportunities and deciding which one is the right fit for you can take some time. You might be done your undergrad and wondering how to get your foot into that perfect job you’ve been dreaming about. Maybe you’re considering making a career shift or just exploring your options.

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What is an Ontario college graduate certificate?

A graduate certificate is a post-graduate credential that is offered to help students further specialize the skills they learned in their undergrad. Check out our previous post to find out how this differs from a Master's degree.

Here are some reasons why getting a graduate certificate can give you a competitive advantage.


1  Get career-focused education that makes you job-ready.

The transition from school to the workplace can be a challenge. Post-graduate certificate programs are designed to give students the skills, knowledge and practical experience that they need to be better prepared to enter the workforce.


2  Keep up to date with market and industry demands.

Graduate certificate programs offer students an immersive learning experience that promotes innovation and discovery. Students receive training from expert instructors and develop specialized skills that are in high demand with employers. With access to advanced technology and resources, students are poised for success.

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3  Fast-track to professional accreditation programs.

Most graduate certificate programs take a year or less to complete and are a great way to upgrade your professional skills. In addition, some programs offer courses that can be used to fulfill professional accreditation requirements.


4  Guaranteed placements.

Many certificate programs incorporate a work placement that allow students to gain practical experience in the field. Real life experience is like gold on your resume, and it will make employers want to hire you!


5  Flexibility to suit your lifestyle.

Whether you want to enrol in full-time, part-time, continuing education or online learning, graduate certificate programs encompass an array of learning options to meet your needs.

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