Wednesday, December 16, 2020
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Ahh! What do we think of when we take that first sip of luscious, creamy hot chocolate? The taste and smell may evoke childhood memories of cold winter days and coming into a warm and inviting home after sledding or playing outside. Whether you enjoy yours with or without marshmallows, there is no doubt that this drink of the Mayans is delicious.

Hot chocolate with whipped cream

Top reasons we should drink more hot chocolate

  1. It makes us happy. It’s long been known that chocolate elevates our mood;
  2. Cocoa powder contains antioxidants known as flavonoids – which have been known to improve heart health, improve memory, reduce stress and strengthen our immune system;
  3. The neurotransmitters released by chocolate may have a positive effect on our brain – they make us feel comfortable, happy and may reduce pain;
  4. It just tastes good!

How to make the best hot chocolate

  • Add 2 oz. of semisweet or bittersweet chocolate for every cup of milk;
  • Use whole milk or half-and-half. This is the time to indulge!
  • Select your sweetener but not too much of it;
  • Heat the milk, add the chocolate and other ingredients when it starts to bubble;
  • Add a pinch of salt.

Take your hot chocolate to the next level by adding:

  • whipped cream and marshmallows
  • peppermint – add a candy cane to make your hot chocolate festive and cheerful
  • alcohol – liqueurs, whiskey, peppermint schnapps, rum, etc. 

Best hot chocolate near London, Ontario

If you would like to have your hot chocolate made for you, try one of these places for the best hot chocolate in the region:

Sabor Espresso, Simcoe

Black Walnut Bakery Café, London

Coffee Culture Café and Eatery, Woodstock

Streamliners Espresso Bar, St. Thomas

Hot chocolate bomb

Hot chocolate bomb with mini marshmellows

Have you tried a hot chocolate bomb yet? These easy-to-make balls of chocolate, filled with marshmallows and cocoa, are a fun way to enjoy an old favourite drink. Check out this recipe to make your own or check out a local café, chocolate shop or farmer's market.

Hot chocolate is a great winter treat, especially if you're cold after a fun day of tobogganing. Be sure to check out our recent blog with some tips on safety and best tobogganing locations in our region.