Six tips for a better winter workout

Monday, January 7, 2019
Fitness tips from Josh Mullan (CSEP-CPT, RMT),

Building and maintaining good exercise habits are important to staying strong and healthy year round. The summer is an easy season to get in a run, play a sport or workout but winter is another story. When the snow and cold air comes, many people have a hard time keeping the momentum going. Here are a few helpful tips to keep your workouts on track all winter long.


Create a workout plan

1  Build a new program

A new program will motivate you to continue your healthy exercise habits.


Do it at home

Try intense bodyweight workouts, the Nike Training app and Freeletics bodyweight in the comfort of your own home.


Try cross-country skiing and snowshoeing this winter

Use the snow to your advantage

Try cross-country skiing, snowboarding or snowshoeing.


Participate in a fitness class

Classes will ignite your fire this winter. Try acro yoga for a fun intense worokut.


Workout with friends during the winter to keep accountable

Buddy up

Taking a friend will help you stay consistent and motivate your progress.


HIIT it hard

Getting workouts done faster with high-intensity interval training may be the key to staying on track.


These tips should help you avoid any winter workout blues. For more great advice go see your local CSEP certified personal trainer. 


About the expert:

Josh Mullan (CSEP-CPT, RMT), works as the Fitness and Wellness Coordinator at the Fanshawe College Student Wellness Centre. A graduate of both Fitness and Health Promotion and Massage Therapy, Josh enjoys teaching workout classes and helping clients accomplish their fitness and wellness goals. Outside the gym, Josh enjoys playing sports, volunteering, coaching and taking his dog to the beach.


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