Childcare checklist

Tuesday, October 23, 2018
Choosing your child’s caregiver

Choosing your child's caregiver can be a challenge for any parent. Feel free to use the helpful checklist below when making your final decision.

Child care programs

Look for child care programs that provide:

  • Highly-skilled staff;
  • Small class sizes;
  • High adult-to-child ratios;
  • A language-rich environment;
  • Age-appropriate curriculum;
  • Stimulating materials in a safe physical setting;
  • Warm, responsive interactions between staff and children.


Look for a caregiver who:

  • Expresses a strong understanding of the developmental changes that occur in the years from birth through age 12 and knowledge on how to support children's learning during these years;
  • Displays respect for each child's unique abilities and culture;
  • Provides fun, engaging activities related to the interests of the children;
  • Models and promotes emotional health as well as positive relationships with and amongst children;
  • Displays a genuine interest in open communication with parents.


Photo of Paula BrunkardAbout the expert:

Paula Brunkard, M.Ed., B.A., R.E.C.E., has been teaching in the Early Childhood Education program at Fanshawe in Clinton since 2014. She has dedicated over 30 years to the well-being of young children and their families. Brunkard has provided individual consultation to families as well as child care and early learning programs for children with exceptionalities.


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