Friday, February 1, 2019
Students celebrating at their graduation ceremony

Choosing your post-graduate program after college or university can be tough. It affects all aspects of your life: financially, balance, career prospects and even family. It’s important to understand the differences between program options and make a decision that will set you down the right path.

Why choose a graduate certificate?

  • If a Master’s degree is the end goal, some use this as a pathway to gaining admission into grad school
  • Courses towards industry designations are often embedded into the curriculum, or you’ll graduate prepared to write final exams for designations
  • They are more vocational in nature, providing real-world, hands-on experience
  • Less time and money is required for this option, all while allowing you to upskill your current knowledge-base and gain valuable experience along the way

Why choose a Master’s degree?

  • If a PhD is the end goal, this is the pathway to achieving this goal
  • This is a great way to develop more expertise in a particular subject of interest
  • Some careers may require a Master’s degree
  • Most programs include the opportunity to complete a thesis, which accounts for most of the credits in the program, and also demonstrates research ability and knowledge of the subject

Not sure what the difference is between a graduate certificate and Master’s degree? Check out this blog for the answer.

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