Monday, May 9, 2022
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Vlog: Cadie shares insights into her Fanshawe experience

Hi! My name is Cadie and I’m a fourth-year Digital Marketing student. Having been a student throughout online and in-person learning my biggest suggestion to all Fanshawe students is to bring yourself to campus and get yourself involved. There are so many opportunities and experiences that you can be a part of that have made my experience incredible. As I work to complete my fifth program, some of my favourite memories are exclusive to the Fanshawe experience I’ve been able to gain. 

Most memorable moments I’ve been able to be a part of include: 

  • Being paired with a mentor throughout the pandemic through the inSPIRE Mentorship  
  • Studying abroad in France for a semester 
  • Gaining amazing experience through two co-op placements and a field placement 
  • Enjoying events like FroshFest and Nuit Blanche  
  • Making amazing friends and giving back to students through multiple jobs on campus 
  • Being a voice for students as an Fanshawe Student Union director 
  • Cheering on the Falcons at varsity sporting events, as well as local teams in the OHL and NBL! 

I wouldn’t have been able to experience these opportunities if I didn’t know that they were available to me as a student. Starting college can be overwhelming as you’re thrown into thrown into deadlines, group projects and new learning outcomes and all the opportunities available to you can be missed, if you’re not getting involved in campus life. 


Cadie De Kelver Fourth-year Digital Marketing student, currently completing her second co-op with Reputation and Brand Management as a Social Media Coordinator, while also working with the Student Wellness Centre. 

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