Friday, November 19, 2021
The learning path for a successful human resources career

Careers in human resources are all about people. Most, if not all, companies will say that their people are their most valuable asset. Finding the right person for the right job is a crucial part of any business’s strategy.

So what is human resources management? Simply put, human resources management is the process of managing people and the workplace to ensure employees work effectively and productively to achieve the overall objectives of the organization they work for.

Human resources professionals are skilled in employee performance management and maintaining employment policies, such as health and safety. It’s important to understand the human resources laws and dynamics in a variety of sectors including corporate, public and non-profit. It’s also important to understand how union environments work and how to manage the relationship between a company’s human resources department and the employee union.

Human resources programs give students the skills they need in topics like labour relations, compensation and benefits, recruitment and training. Some programs will also provide you with the foundations of business, including accounting, marketing and business writing. Are you a people person? If so, look into these human resources programs:

Human Resources Careers 

There are many rewarding career opportunities in human resources, including:

  • human resources generalist
  • recruiter
  • compensation clerk
  • training and development assistant
  • employee relations advisor
  • human resources manager

You may also choose to pursue a human resources designation:

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