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Friday, April 19, 2019
Be prepared for your interview

Graduation and co-op season is around the corner. If you are nervous, we have the top 10 tips to ace a job interview with a potential employer. You will be ready for the job market and take the world by storm.

Tips to prepare:


Make sure to research the company that is interviewing you. Know mission, vision and values of the company. You want to be well informed of what the company does and their purpose. Research will give you security that you are what they’re looking for.



Contact someone within the company or in the same job position as the one you’re applying to for further information about what to expect about the job and the company.

Gathering information about the job and company

Drive run

Practice commuting to the place of your interview. Whether it’s by bus or car, practice getting there, map it out and know how much time it takes to get there. You don’t want to be lost on your way to the interview or get there late.


Know your resume

Be sure to know the skills, knowledge and abilities you wrote in your resume because the interviewer will ask you questions regarding your suitability for the position.

Be polished

Make sure you’re dressed for success! Research the dress code and come appropriately dressed. Make sure to give a positive body language, eye contact, and an extra copy of your resume and portfolio if required.

Dressing appropriately and having good body language

Thank you cards

Make sure to thank the panel after your interview with a handwritten personalized thank you card. Write a thank you card before the interview, drop it into the mailbox and they will receive it the next day, after your interview. This will leave a positive impression on them about you.


Know yourself

Make sure you practice positive self-talk in front of a mirror. During the interview, you want to smile and look self-confident. Be secure about who you are, what you bring to the table and make sure you mention how your skills match the job position.


Strengths and weaknesses

Be honest about your strengths and your weaknesses, but mention that you see your weaknesses as a development opportunity. This is a question most employers ask, so be prepared to answer them thoroughly.



When you enter the room for your interview shake everyone’s hand. When you leave, do the same.

Shake hands


10 Questions

Make sure you come prepared with pen and paper, that way you can write notes and jot down any questions you might have during the interview. However, come prepared with questions before the interview that way you can ask them when the time comes. Ask about the challenges they encounter, the corporate culture, what skill they look for in employees, etc.

Be prepared with interesting questions


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