Preparing to study online at Fanshawe

Wednesday, July 22, 2020
Preparing to study online at Fanshawe

You already know preparation is the key to success in many aspects of learning, and studying online is no exception. Many learners find checklists to be a great visual tool for making sure they’ve got their bases covered, so we’ve developed a checklist to give you all the basics you’ll need to make sure you’re prepared to study online.

woman studying online


  • Research the careers that your program choice(s) lead to, ensure they are aligned with your goals;
  • Select a program or course;
  • Determine if the online learning environment is well suited for your skills and lifestyle with Fanshawe’s online learning readiness indicator;
  • Book an appointment with an admission and pathway advisor if you have any questions at this point;
  • Check out the supports available for online learners;
  • Look into options available to pay for your education;
  • Apply for OSAP if needed;
  • Check out and see what bursaries you may be eligible for;
  • Look for your offer of admission email;
  • Accept and confirm your offer prior to the deadline;
  • Pay your deposit and or fees prior to the deadline;
  • Complete any of the registration requirements;
  • Write your WRIT assessment (if applicable to your program);
  • Ensure your technology is suitable for the program or course requirements;
  • Learn about Fanshawe technology;
  • Order your books and supplies;
  • Find out about ways you can engage with the Fanshawe community as an online learner;
  • Put key semester dates in your calendar;
  • Put key course dates into your calendar;
  • Create a schedule for when you will complete your online studies and tasks each day;
  • Set up a designated work space for you to complete your online studies


There you have it! A full checklist of things you can do to prepare yourself for success in online learning. 

Pro tip: check each item off as you accomplish it--we guarantee it will feel great once you’ve checked off all the items on the list. You’ll feel a great sense of preparation and readiness as you get started with your online learning journey! 

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