Things to do in London

Friday, September 7, 2018
Victoria Park, London, Canada

(Re)discover the Forest City.

Whether you are new to London or you have lived here all of your life, there is so much to explore and (re)discover within our community. From outdoor adventures and soul-inspiring entertainment to watching sports and enjoying one of many community events, there truly is something for everyone in the Forest City!

Budweiser Gardens

Become a local tourist!

Start exploring with ideas from Tourism London, who shares tons of amazing places to visit and incredible events happening at places like:

London Airshow

London also hosts great events like ...

Fanshawe Falcons

If you're an avid sports fan, London is home to incredible teams:

London golf courses

If you're looking to get active:

There are too many places in London to tell you about in just one blog!

So explore our Things to do in London Google Map to discover even more exciting locations in the city you now call home.


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