Women in skilled trades

Thursday, March 4, 2021
Women in skilled trades

The theme of this month's International Women's Day was "choose to challenge." While skilled trades may have historically been thought of as a career path typically pursued by men, let's choose to challenge those perceptions and celebrate women in skilled trades!

What are skilled trades?

Skilled trades are career paths that require hands-on learning and specialty training in one of four industries:

  • construction
  • industrial
  • motive power
  • service
Woman cooking in college skilled trade program

Skilled trades are great for people who enjoy working with their hands and seeing their passion come to life.

What roles are available for women in skilled trades?

There are many rewarding career paths in skilled trades, and there are no limits to the roles women can pursue!

As the need for skilled tradespeople increases, women are encouraged to explore if this career path is right for them. There are different programs in place to support women in trades, including bursaries, scholarships and mentorship programs. Check out the Ontario College of Trades website for more info.

Woman working on a car in auto body repair college program

What kind of job could I find in skilled trades?

There are many rewarding job opportunities in skilled trades, and Fanshawe offers a number of apprenticeship programs geared toward preparing students for their careers. Apprenticeship programs at Fanshawe include:

Woman styling hair in college hair stylist apprenticeship program


Click here for more information about apprenticeship and skilled trades at Fanshawe College.

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