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Overview - 2022/2023

When you look around, it’s easy to see that plumbers are in demand. High-rises, new subdivisions, strip malls and renovated downtown buildings all need highly specialized plumbers to ensure the water runs, the pipes don’t leak and the toilets flush. As a tradesperson, there is no one more valuable and respected than the plumber. If you’re excited by the opportunity to work with your hands and see the results of your labour daily, Fanshawe’s Plumber (Block Release) [Apprenticeship] program will get your career aspirations flowing in a successful direction.

Once in the program, you’ll learn to read and interpret drawings and blueprints, plan and lay out a job, and assemble and test systems. You’ll diagnose and repair problems, and get to know the Plumbing Code. As well, you’ll learn how to install, maintain and repair pipes, fixtures and fittings that carry water and discharge such as sewage and greywater. That’s not all. Because you’ve entered into the Apprenticeship stream, you’ll be able to put your classroom knowledge to work in real plumbing situations, making real cash.

When you graduate, you’ll have a diverse and dynamic set of skills that will meet the challenges of the modern plumbing sector.


This is an apprenticeship program.
You cannot apply to this program through

Applicants need a sponsor/employer.
Your sponsor/employer must register you with:

The Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities
Apprenticeship/Client Services
72-1200 Commissioners Road East 
London, Ontario, N5Z 4R3 
MLTSD is responsible for scheduling your in-school training at Fanshawe College.

More information about Apprenticeships at Fanshawe.

Employment Ontario
This Employment Ontario program is funded in part by the Government of Canada.



Plumbing Apprentice-2020/2021

Level 1 - Basic
Take all of the following Mandatory Courses:
MATH-1010Trade Calculations-Level 12
This course will provide the student with the necessary knowledge and theoretical skills to complete competencies as described in the Apprenticeship In-School Curriculum Standards (Level 1). This includes demonstrating the ability to accurately perform trade related calculations as described in the Standard.
PLUM-1020Workplace Safety, Rigging & Hoisting L11.5
The plumbing apprentice will study the Occupational Health and Safety Act. Particular emphasis will be on dealing with many hazards and the use of personal protective equipment. The apprentice will study rigging in detail.
PLUM-1023Trade Documentation-Level 12
This course will provide an introduction to effective communication between the apprentice and the other construction personnel. This course deals with basic drafting equipment and the basic terminology used in understanding blueprints.
PLUM-1022Tools & Piping Methods-Level 11.5
This course will provide an introduction to the apprentice student with various hand and powertools. The apprentice will learn to join dissimilar materials while constructing piping projectsdisplaying various drains, wastes, and vents and waterline applications.
PLUM-1021Plumbing Systems-Level 17
The apprentice will study all different plumbing materials. Emphasis will then be placed onplumbing terminology and drainage and venting of plumbing systems.
WELD-1001Welding-Level 12
This course will provide an introduction of the safety and basic principals of oxy-acetylenewelding. The student will learn cutting, and to prepare and carry out tacking and beads ofbutt, lap, and T joints.

Level 2-Intermediate
Take 1 of the following groups:

Group 1
MATH-3002Trade Calculations-Level 22
PLUM-3009Trade Documentation-Level 22
PLUM-3007Plumbing Systems-Level 28.5
PLUM-3008DWV Piping Systems1.5
Apprentice will complete flushometer project, commercial two storey rough-in project, circuit venting project, and a spa-shower project.
WELD-3001Welding-Level 22
This course will provide an introduction of the safety and basic principalsof arc welding. The student willl learn pipe fitting and to prepare and carry outtacking and beads of butt, lap, and T joints.

Group 2
MATH-3002Trade Calculations-Level 22
PLUM-3001Blueprint Reading2
PLUM-3002Plumbing Theory8
PLUM-3003Plumbing Practical3
WELD-3001Welding-Level 22
This course will provide an introduction of the safety and basic principalsof arc welding. The student willl learn pipe fitting and to prepare and carry outtacking and beads of butt, lap, and T joints.

Level 3 - Advanced
Take 1 of the following groups:

Group 1
PLUM-5005Plumbing Systems-Level 310
The apprentice will study a variety of topics such as septic systems, hydronic heating,storm drainage systems, water mains and supplies, commercial hot water tanks, etc.
PLUM-5006Process Piping Systems1.5
The student will do a large pipe fabrication project, hydronic heating project, pump andwater treatment and a backflow project.
PLUM-5007Trade Documentation-Level 33
The apprentice will complete all types of plumbing drawings eg. isometric with an emphasis on hydronic heating. Calculations involving simple and compound interest will be carried out. The balance of the time will be spent on job specifications.

Group 2
PLUM-3006Blueprint Reading3
PLUM-5003Plumbing Theory11
To be supplied.
PLUM-5004Plumbing Practical1
To be supplied.

Program Residency
Students Must Complete a Minimum of 13 credits in this
program at Fanshawe College to meet the Program Residency
requirement and graduate from this program

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