• Overview - 2019/2020

    When you look around, it's easy to see that plumbers are in-demand. High-rises, new subdivisions, strip malls, and a renovated downtown buildings all need highly specialized plumbers to ensure the water runs, the pipes don't leak and the toilets flush. As a tradesperson, there is no one more valuable and respected than the plumber. If you're excited by the opportunity to work with your hands and seeing the results of your labour daily, Fanshawe's Plumber (Block Release) [Apprenticeship] program will get you career aspirations flowing in a successful direction.

    Once in the program, you'll learn to read and interpret drawings and blueprints, plan and lay out a job, and assemble and test systems. You'll diagnose and repair problems, and get to know the Plumbing Code. As well, you'll learn how to install, maintain and repair pipes, fixtures and fittings that carry water and discharge such as sewage and greywater. That's not all. Because you've entered into the Apprenticeship stream, you'll be able to put your classroom knowledge to work in real plumbing situations, making real cash.

    When you graduate, you'll have a diverse and dynamic set of skills that will meet the challenges of the modern plumbing sector.


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