Cost Accounting 1

This introductory management accounting course teaches students to employ techniques such as job and process costing, general cost allocations, cost/volume/profit analysis, budgeting, and relevant costing. Students will need a laptop computer with Microsoft in particular Excel.

Course Code: 
Part-Time Studies
Area of Interest: 
Business, Finance & Administration
Take 1 group; # Take ACCT-1002 (Principles of Accounting I) ACCT-1006 (Principles of Accounting II) ; # Take ACCT-6003 (Financial Accounting) ; # Take ACCT-1004 (Principles of Accounting 1) ACCT-1011 (Principles of Accounting 2) ; # Take ACCT-1002 (Principles of Accounting I) ACCT-1011 (Principles of Accounting 2) ; # Take ACCT-1033 (Accounting Principles I) ACCT-1035 (Accounting Principles II) ;

Course Offerings

Summer 2019

May 6, 2019 to August 23, 2019
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London Campus Off Site
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Section Number: 40LC
Refund Policy: 14 days after course start date