HACCP Approach to Food Safety - Microcredential

Learn the seven principles of the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) management system, and how they can help you to identify and control food safety risks. HACCP principles can be applied to every step of the food supply chain, across many different types of food businesses. The course begins with an overview of food safety regulations, including concepts and definitions. With this information, learners will then develop a prerequisite plan, complete a hazard analysis (HACCP plan), identify verification and maintenance requirements of the quality management program, and list record keeping needs. Learning Outcomes: 1. Manage an agri-business enterprise within the confines of established HACCP food safety requirements. 2. Apply Traceability techniques required when managing a modern agri-business 3. Identify Food Safety risks and protective processes over a range of sectors in agri-business 4. Apply Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points systems to production facilities Total class hours - 16.
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