Podcasting - Monetization - Microcredential

This course is designed for students who have the storytelling and technical skills to produce a professional podcast, and want to develop the marketing and entrepreneurial skills required to attract an audience, maintain currency, and generate revenue through advertising and sponsorships. Students will explore a variety of marketing strategies that build brand awareness, create revenue-generating opportunities and measurable sales solutions. Whether you hope to be a successful independent podcaster, get picked up by a distributor, or find a job in podcasting, this course will give you the business skills to be successful in your current work or as a podcasting entrepreneur. Learning Outcomes: 1. Establish a strong, relevant and unique podcast brand. 2. Identify the various approaches to monetizing podcasts. 3. Develop ad campaigns tailored to promote the podcast's overall objectives and attract a variety of audiences. 4. Develop ad campaigns tailored to the client's needs while complimenting the podcast's overall objectives and desired audiences. 5. Expand the podcast's reach by utilizing social media influencers. Total class hours - 10
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Computers, Design, and Media

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Winter 2023

Days & Times: Tue 7:00PM - 8:00PM
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