Giving and Receiving Effective Feedback - Microcredential

Giving and receiving feedback is the basis of every social interaction, both in the workplace and at home. Feedback can be formal or informal, spoken or written, and involves a range of non-verbal cues including gestures, tone of voice, and eye contact. This microcredential will first help you analyze your own behaviour and thought processes when you are giving and receiving feedback. You will then analyze different feedback strategies and categorize their appropriateness in different contexts. Finally, you will also improve your ability to listen actively, respond to feedback, and transform feedback into follow-up action items. Overall, this microcredential will give you the skills to deliver targeted and respectful feedback while increasing your own receptiveness to constructive criticism. Learning Outcomes: 1. Identify and interpret your written, spoken, and non-verbal behaviour when giving and receiving feedback 2. Evaluate the significance of gestures, eye contact, tone, diction, and cadence when giving and receiving feedback 3. Categorize and evaluate the effectiveness of feedback strategies in specific contexts Total class hours - 9
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Communication & Languages

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Fall 2024

Fully Online
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