Excel - Formulas - Microcredential

In this short five-hour microcredential badge on Excel - Formulas, students will learn the difference between formulas and functions in the excel software suite. Microsoft Office 365 will be utilized in this microcredential. Students are self-led through the topics and will be able to perform and troubleshoot formulas in excel while using the basic functions including sum, average and count. This course will be self-paced, asynchronous, and non-instructor led. Students will need access to a computer and to the internet in order to access the free, open-source tools required to complete the active learning exercises, read the publicly available articles and other digital resources (videos websites, etc.) and to connect with the college's Learning Management System. Learning Outcomes: 1. Use the sum, average and count functions to perform calculations in Excel 2. Recognize and utilize common formulas and functions in Excel 3. Troubleshoot formulas and understand why they may not be functional 4. Use common formulas for everyday activities (e.g., budgets) Total class hours - 5
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Computers & Telecommunications

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Fall 2022

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