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A must-have skill to succeed in business, is the ability to create, edit and manage spreadsheets. Begin with learning how an Excel worksheet is constructed, populated and edited for delivery. Discover how various menu items, commands, settings and processes affects your Excel worksheets. Then, increase efficiency by organizing, displaying and calculating your data into useful information. Identify different types of data and how visually represent and format by using different data tool techniques. Finally, you'll learn a variety of Excel's most powerful features to analyze data quickly and easily. By registering for the course package you will recive a discounted rate over the individual course fees. Course pack includes Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced Excel Mastery. Courses are offered sequentially - you take them one after each other, not at the same time. THIS COURSE IS OFFERED THROUGH UGOTCLASS. ACCESS INSTRUCTIONS WILL BE PROVIDED IN AN EMAIL FROM UGOTCLASS.
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Computers & Telecommunications

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Summer 2022

St. Thomas
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