Dental Radiography Bitewings - Microcredential

The content will be as follows: (Asynchronous) 1. Dental Radiography Safety & Dosimetry, online tour of rad room and control panel, Bitewing overview of horizontal and vertical bitewings, Acceptable criteria and head positions -(1 hour prior to the start of class) Synchronous (In-Person) 1. Tour of Dental Clinic Radiography Labs -(0.5hour) 2. Computer Log in Tutorial- SafeCom-(0.5 hours) 3. Horizontal angle exercise practival: for overlap (1.5 hour hands on) 4. Use AIMright positioner with rectangular collimator (premolar & molar BW (1.5 hour hands on) 5. Use PSP with positioner or tabs -(1 hours) 6. Assignment: Errors, Correction techniques- (1hours) 7. Final Test on Bitewings (1 hour) Total class hours - 8. (7 hours plus 1 hour prep time)
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