AAP Periodontal Classification

This course will review the stages of process of care: Assesses, Diagnose, Plan, Implement, Evaluate and Document (ADPIE + D) as a foundation of dental hygiene practice and its application within the new American Academy of Periodontolgy's (AAP) global periodontal classification. In order to transition to the new AAP periodontal classification, certain indices are required. Dental regulatory bodies standards of practice indicate specific indices must be collected in the A of ADPIE + D for a quality assessment. It is a domino effect to all the process of care stages when the assessment phase of ADPIE is lacking. Many indices will be studied in this course with a large focus on 'Calculated Attachment Levels' (CAL). A proper periodontal assessment must include the indices of probing as well as numerically charting the value of the gingival margin (GM) apical to the cemento-enamel junction (CEJ) in a recession presentation AND the gingival margin coronal to the cemento-enamel junction in a health and /or inflammation presentation. The 'positions' of the GM to the CEJ are either added or subtracted from the periodontal pocket depth for a true attachment level. CAL must be understood theoretically and applied into action clinically in periodontal charting. The new AAP system utilizes CAL's as direct evidence for staging and grading of health and / or disease. The dental professional cannot incorporate the new AAP system without knowledge of CAL's. The main objective of the course is to ensure dental professionals are knowledgeable in the new theory as well as confident in applying the knowledge to their clinical environment. This course will challenge critical thinking with the use of case studies. Practice management is also included in the course to aid the dental professional with team training and implementation in an effective and efficient time management approach. Digital record keeping will be included to review the usage of various software platforms and the adaptations required to utilize the programs successfully. In essence, this course is essential for all team members as the new system is a global change that impacts the DDS, RDH, CDA and client.
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Health, Food & Medical

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Fall 2024

London - Online
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7 days after course start date

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