Instructional Design Overview


Instructional Design Overview - Microcredential

In this five-hour microcredential on Instructional Design - Overview, students will learn what instructional design is and the impact it has on a student's learning. The content will also provide a brief overview of the other Instructional Design microcredentials in this series including; Learning Theories in Online Education, Instructional Design for Online Course Development, Digital Pedagogy for Online Learning, Web Accessibility, Quality Assurance for Instructional Designers, Project Management for Instructional Designers. Students will need access to a computer and to the internet in order to access the free, open-source tools required to complete the active learning exercises, read the publicly available articles and other digital resources (videos websites, etc.) and to connect with the college's Learning Management System. Learning Outcomes: 1. Identify the roles and responsibilities of an Instructional Designer 2. Describe widely used learning theories as well as instructional design models in online learning 3. Examine appropriate technology, tools and applications to most effectively support instruction and achieving learning outcomes 4. Identify the roles of other key stakeholders as well as project management strategies 5. Recognize the role of quality assurance within online course creation and evaluation processes 6. Define key terms in web and digital accessibility Total Class hours - 5
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Computers & Telecommunications

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Fall 2022

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