Kindergarten Part 1

The Kindergarten Part 1 (AQ) course focuses on the importance of play-based environments that promote the physical, social, emotional and cognitive development of all children. You will understand diverse theories of play and ways to purposefully plan authentic play-based learning experiences that foster exploration, a culture of inquiry and developmentally appropriate practices. This course emphasizes the role of the educator as co-learner with the child, and how the environment acts as the 3rd teacher. You will begin to understand the importance of viewing children as competent, capable, rich in potential, and with an asset lens. This course focuses on ways to develop and maintain responsive relationships with both students and families, and understanding that all children's learning and development occurs in the context of relationships. Candidates will develop a deep child-centered pedagogical understanding of the four frames of The Kindergarten Program, and how they support and align with children's natural learning. By critically exploring Ontario's pedagogy, curriculum, play based theories and influential literature, you will develop a foundational knowledge of the frameworks and documents that inform and support child development. You will have the opportunity to interact with fellow passionate educators, explore inquiry based learning, and create meaningful and tangible provocations and activities to use in your daily educational career. Through experiential learning opportunities and portfolios of learning, you will develop a strong understanding of ways to apply your learning directly in the classroom.
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Education, Community & Social Services

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Winter 2024

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14 days after course start date

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