Paralegal Field Placement

Paralegal Graduate Certificate students will complete a field placement component in a work setting for a minimum of 120 hours, scheduled for four weeks at the end of Semester 2. In special circumstances and only with the approval of the field placement Coordinator, a different time frame might also be possible. A student's work experience and the scheduling of field placement will reflect the employer's needs. Assistance will be provided by the field placement coordinator to attempt to place students in a setting which matches their abilities, expectations, and interests. Should this not be possible the student agrees to accept the opportunity the field placement coordinator is able to supply. The students are evaluated by employers on completion of the placement. Students will also be given the opportunity to evaluate their field placement. Students must produce, in consultation with their field placement supervisor and field placement coordinator, midterm and final evaluation reports reviewing paralegal competencies experienced during their field placements. This course provides students with an opportunity to apply academic skills and knowledge in a workplace environment rather than inside the classroom. While on placement, students will have an opportunity to work with professionals and gain experience. This experience will impact on the students' understanding of the demands of the business world and will serve to reinforce the importance of professional conduct and excellence.

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